Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tokidoki Unicorno Mini Series

The Unicornos were once 10 little ponies that were out trotting and wandered into a magic waterfall. Passing through the waterfall, the ponies transformed into unicorns and found a hidden magical kingdom.

The Unicornos Mini Series is designed by Italian character designer Simone Legno of Tokidoki!
There are 10 Unicorno mini figures in total, 8 regular figures along with 2 chase figures.

I usually don't like to get blind boxes as I like to know what I am getting. However all 10 Unicornos from this series are so damn cute that I actually did not mind getting any of them. Finally I don't have to pay premium for those open boxes.
The blind boxes sold at $10.95 while the open boxes (so you know what you are getting) sold at $13.95.

I managed to get Peperino and Pogo. They were in my top half of my best looking Unicornos list.
Hmmmm... I am beginning to like the thrill of getting blind boxes.

I like the packaging as all 4 sides of the box have different graphics.
One side of the box, you are able to see the 10 different Unicorno's designs.

All the Unicornos are pretty different from each other in terms of sculpting so you getting more than just a repainted figure as compared to some series.

In the case of Peperino, she has 2 horns, a different sculpted mane and tail as compared to Pogo.
I do like the concept of using Unicorn as the theme.

The only thing I don't like about them are the little pictures pasted all over their bodies.
The pictures are decal but I would prefer if they were painted on. However I would think that would have added more to the price.
The decal to me did not work especially on Peperino.

Overall, a nice addition to my ever growing designer toys!




Tom Freak said...

Hmm, wouldn't Peperino be technically a bi-corno?

i don't think this is the best effort from Tokidoki, it just seems a little... Lazy...

chrismandesign said...

i think they’re pretty fine specially for something affordable, the design is better than others i have seen with the same size, but i agree that a silkscreen job is a lot better than the decals, even if the cost is higher, is a matter of durability =)

desmond said...

Bro, when you fancy about these toys??

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes...Tom...lazy is the right word.
But overall I still like the designs.
Agreed chrismandesign!
Cute mah Des!

Sl said...

Where did you buy this :( I want

Little Plastic Man said...

Ebay or if you are in Singapore, PLAY IMAGINATIVE @ *SCAPE
2 Orchard Link, #02-14, *SCAPE, Singapore 237978
Tel: (65) 6509 9848

Deehellseven said...

I love these! Regretted not buying them when they were available in stores locally :'( I wasn't into toy collecting then.

Little Plastic Man said...

@Deehellseven - yup they are pretty cool.
U got a cool blog.


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