Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hasbro Transformers Universe G1 Series Autobot Blaster

I love G1 Transformers design and I am happy that Hasbro and Takara are reissuing them.
The latest addition to my reissued G1 transformers is Autobot Blaster from the Hasbro Transformers Universe G1 Series.
When it was first launched, it was selling at S$100 but now you can get him at almost half the price. Sometimes patience has its virtue.

He is an Autobot who specializes in communications.
He is the Autobot communications officer and can transform into an AM/FM stereo cassette player!
Blaster frequently worked with Eject, Grandslam, Raindance, Ramhorn, Rewind and Steeljaw, the other members of the Autobot communication team.
Eject, Steeljaw and Ramhorn comes together with Blaster.

I like the packaging with its metallic sleeve and the nice yellow Autobot sign.
The box looks nice too with the picture of Blaster on it.

I just love the G1 designs as compared to the newer designs like from the movie series.
I guess the main reason why I love the designs is that they bring back happy childhood memories.
Blaster is one of the characters I have fond memories of, together with Soundwave.
Soundwave is the evil Decepticon answer to Blaster.

Transformation is a breeze as compared to the newer transformers.
I guess back in those days, toy engineering was not as advanced.
Also, the G1 transformers were meant for kids so the transforming had to be simple.
Nowadays, transformers are mainly bought by adult collectors who may like the challange of a harder transformation.

Overall, I will welcome any addition to my reissued G1 collection.

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Nice Packaging

Blaster - Robot Mode

Blaster - Transformed mode




Ramhorn, Steeljaw & Eject in their cassette mode


chrismandesign said...

i saw this Transformer in person & sincerely i don’t like it, precisely for those features u love: squared design, easy transformation, delicate stickers (that don’t last for so long & that’s something i hate of every single G1 transforming figure)... although the packaging desing is pretty attractive, the rest of the mecha is too vintage for my taste, i’m more one of those "ultimate design" guys... anyway is a great collection figure for those G1 lovers, like u =)

Little Plastic Man said...

Exactly what u stated is why I love the G1 designs!


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