Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mighty Beanz Star Wars Edition

Mighty Beanz are collectible toys manufactured by Moose Enterprises, a corporation headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Moose launched Mighty Beanz in the Australian market in 2002; the toy launched in the United States that summer.

An individual Mighty Beanz is like a large plastic capsule, approximately one inch long. The beans are characterized by a small metal ball inside which is free to move about the capsule. Each Bean is decorated with a character's likeness—usually an animal, a monster or a caricatured human.
With the small metal ball, the Mighty Beanz can actually move down an incline. You can actually race one bean with another but for me I would just be displaying them...:)

I have came across Mighty Beanz before but it did not really catch my attention until now.
Recently, popping up in stores in Singapore are Mighty Beanz Star Wars Edition.
In this series there are 60 different Star Wars characters ranging from common to ultra rare.

There are 4 Mightly Beanz in one packaging but you are only able to see 1. Usually that will be a common one.
Just like the blind box concept, you do not know what the other 3 characters you are getting.

I thought it was pretty cool and having the Star Wars characters on it, I knew I had to get at least one.
I am never a really lucky person but guess what, in my package I had one rare (Qui Gon-Jinn) and one super rare (Watto) Mighty Beanz.

Overall, a cute concept and design. It was also on discount, so what the heck!

60 different Mighty Beanz Star Wars characters


Watto (ultra rare)

Qui Gon-Jinn (rare)

Wicket (common)

Snow Trooper (common)


chrismandesign said...

those mighty beans r cute, they r available in some toy stores here, although i dunno if there r from the Star Wars line (& well, i’m not an Star Wars fan, if u ask me) =)

desmond said...

Are you going to collect them all??

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi chris, yup they are cute. But only attaracted to the Star Wars edition only.
Des - I am so tempted...

César Cantú said...

I love those little buggers! The Darth Vader tin case stands proudly besides my bed.

Have you tried to perform the elbow stunts suggested in the cross-list that comes with standard Beanz?

Anonymous said...

You get 2 commons and 1 rare and 1 ultra rare, no surprise there, but awesome beanz you got there :)

JP Soriano said...

hi! where in singapore were you able to buy those mighty beanz? i need to start buying.

Little Plastic Man said...

@JP - they were actually were on a serious sale some time back.
Never really seen them around. Maybe Metro or Toys R Us...but again I don't see them anymore. Maybe ebay


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