Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Plastic Man reports on the Toy Carnival @ SAM

I was there around 11am but I knew I could not stay long as I left my wife and baby at Plaza Singapura (suspected it would be crowded so did not think it was suitable for my baby...)
The Toy Carnival took up 1 section of the museum but had 2 levels. Seriously, it felt like your every Sunday flea market at CSC but there were some toys being exhibited by toy collectors. There were some great deals but I did not buy much. I spent in total $25 plus I got a free comic!
I managed to meet Shaun and Ted there. Great talking to you guys.
I was also hoping to meet Leon there but I could not stay long so did not manage to meet up with him...well maybe next time!

Read more great coverage of the Toy Carnival from other bloggers!
deSMOnd Collection
Open The Toy

Toy Carnival @ Singapore Art Museum

Great figures on display from one sixth warriors (OSW)

The King of Pop spotted!

Nice Star Wars collection

Great talent on show!

The view of the hall on the first level
Pretty crowded around 11am

Troopers from the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison

I did not know that hand phones were standard issues for

Great the paint work

ohh..drool...if only I could paint this well

Nerfsg's booth

They even had an area for demonstration!

There were some stalls outside

The view of the 2nd level

A sculpture at level 2...well something caught my attention!


My spoils from the Toy Carnival + free comic!

$5 for 3 of these figures!



Juliana said...

It was super crowded there yesterday and it was also my firt time at SAM. Thanks for sharing your photos with us and congrates on your toy haul! :D

LEon said...

Bro we meet up next time. I didn't know the playmobil selling so cheap. is it loose? Anyway I link you over at my entry. :D

The Rebel said...

Hey Adrian...

Great review! I wish the same cld be said about the scene over here in M'sia...pretty blah to say the least, hehehe....

That Stormie caption/dialogue is pretty hilarious, heheh! How much didja get Hoist for?

Jacko in his Smooth Criminal outfit? That must be customed fitted I supposed? Don't recall THAT version being released yet..hehe...

Hmmm, I noticed the wobbly pics....were cameras banned or was it because hordes of crowd were pushing you? :p

desmond said...

Adrian, thanks for your pictures sharing here..We can meet up on the coming STCC event in Aug again..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It seems a lot more crowded the time you reached. With combination of bloggers' pics and reviews, there are a wider coverage of the carnival. I got to see those things I had missed out. Cheers!

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Juliana
Leon - Yup its loose, it was in a box with other toys selling 3 for $5!
Rebel - is great to have such events in Singapore. Hoist costs me $20. Yup the MJ is a custom. As for the wobbly pics...cause I am a lousy photographer!...LOL
Des - Yes lets meet up!
Dennis - Yup, your review & pics were great too!


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