Sunday, September 18, 2011

Andrew Bell O-No series

Andrew Bell is a British-born American artist and founder of Dead Zebra Inc. He specializes in creating collectible designer toys.
Well known for his set of vinyl collectible figurines based on the mascot for the popular Android operating system.These figurines have become very popular with enthusiasts.

However I like his O-No (Food Company) series of toys the best because of his dark and witty take on Japanese food.
At the recent STGCC 2011, I managed to get his exclusive STGCC 2011 O-No Sashimi to add to my O-No Sushi.

O-No Sushi

My favourite of the series.
This is the first of the series and it is super cute and funny.
I love the packaging as the pictures say it all.
It is done like you are actually buying it from the supermarket!
Just love it!

This design is so eye catching. It looks so cruel and yet I just can't stop smiling when I look at it.
Great concept!

It also comes with interchangeable eyes. One looking at the side while the other looking down.

O-No Sashimi

The second of the series.
Not as visually eye-catching and thought provoking but it is still a nice piece.
This is the STGCC 2011 exclusive and it was nice of Andrew Bell to design something just for STGCC 2011.
Similar concept to O-No Sushi for packaging.
Why fix something that is working.

The STGCC 2011 exclusive is designed with the Singapore's flag in mind.

It comes with interchangeable eyes. One with the crescent and the other with the star.
Main elements of the Singapore's flag

Now we have Sashimi and Sushi together.

Anyone hungry!


Erin Snyder said...

Wow. That's really creepy and kind of horrific. I love it.

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes it is pretty sick but I like

KINGRPG said...

These shushi toys so kawaii, I need to buy them!

desmond said...

Nice designer toys :)

chrismandesign said...

deliciously insane & something a tad different to the designer toys u r used... the packaging is something catchy & i have seen some of them, but not as good as this... i think everyone need one of them =)

blue mice army said...

nice collectible~
sad that i wont have the chance to collect them~


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