Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My very own Trexi

Long time ago, I bought a blank Trexi hoping to stamp my own design onto it.
Initially I was excited and bought spray paints, paints and brushes so I could do an "awesome" customised Trexi.
BUT I never got started and this poor blank Trexi remained blank.

Fast forward to last weekend, I again noticed this blank Trexi.
I thought to myself, "What the hell...I have a red marker and I am bored."
So I just started drawing. looks ok...from afar...LOL.

Anyway, I am calling it:
"Seriously Mum, it does not hurt as bad as it looks!"


desmond said...

Where is the missing hand??

Little Plastic Man said...

It is supposed to be a injured Trexi so he has lose 1 hand!

chrismandesign said...

uhmmm... i have another theory... myb he cut his own arm & then hurt himself with it, to surprise his mom in her birthday... a bit rougher but more in the mood of this figure... (LOL???) my mind is rambling... BTW TYSM, i’m glad that my (& ur) flathead like u, it takes me a while but it was worth =)

LEon said...

I have to say it is creative and has a character for that.

Belle Armed said...

i really enjoy visiting your blog.

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Leon and Belle


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