Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Toy Shopping

The Takashimaya (Singapore) 15th Crazy Toy Sale is here and there are loads of good deals on toys.
Unfortunately, none of the toys on sale were of interest to me but do drop by as there might be toys that might catch your eye!
However, I managed to get some great discounts on toys for my son.
At least someone is going home happy...LOL

Leon at OpenTheToy has a more detailed review and pictures on the Sale.

Just beside Takashimaya at Scape, Play Imaginative is also having a clearance sale. Up to 90% off!

Even though most of the stuff are old but the discounts are really very attractive. I managed to get some designer toys at very good prices. The sale will end on Monday 19th Sep.

Enjoy the weekend and happy hunting!

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