Friday, December 11, 2009

DiD WWII 2nd Ranger Marksman "Private Daniel"

Don't you just love companies like Loading toys, Heroic, DiD and Brother Production, which give us 12" figures based on movie characters but without the hefty price tag due to the extra cost in movie licenses (think Hot Toys).
I do have to admit that there are misses like Brother Production Zombie Killer but there are also hits like Heroic Professional Killer & Loading Toys Dangerous Man.
Another hit (to me at least) is DiD 2nd Ranger Marksman "Private Daniel". Even though DiD did not credit this figure to the movie Saving Private Ryan, I guess it is an open secret that this figure was representing Private Daniel Jackson , the "praying" sharpshooter in the movie (Heck they even named the figure Private Daniel!).
Private Daniel Jackson was played by Barry Pepper in the movie.

I also have Dragon's US Army 2nd Ranger Battalion Captain Miller but with an updated head sculpt and body from Soldier Story 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion to better represent Captain James Miller. Of course the uniform and accessories are not of the same standard as DiD.

DiD has done a great job in the area of the head sculpt and accessories. The head sculpt is spot on in the likeness of Barry Pepper. I heard that DiD managed to get the consent from the actor to use his likeness (well that's just what I heard).

There is a number of accessories that come with the figure and this is quite expected from DiD based on their past offering. However what is great is that the majority of the accessories are the equipments used by Private Daniel in the movie, like the M1903A4 rifle, Sniper Scope Tube and the cross and ID tag he kissed. On top of that, the accessories and uniform are pretty well made. However putting the accessories onto the figure was a nightmare and I had great difficulties getting the water canteen, holster and first aid pouch onto the Garand Ammo Belt. I even broke the hooks on the Water Canteen pouch and holster! In the end I used strings to attach them onto the belt.
After consulting with Alex the 12" guru, I found out that I was doing it wrongly and I was supposed to attach the items to the assault vest via the holes made for that purpose!
After going through all the hard work getting the equipments and accessories on, I have decided to leave it on! Hence there will be no photos on the individual equipment and accessory. But not to disappoint, you can hop over to Alex's review which is power and much more detailed!

I have been hoping and praying for so long for some company to do characters from Saving Private Ryan! Even though the figure is not credited to the movie, this offering from DiD is good enough for me! Great sculpt, accessories and a nice price tag! What more can you ask for.
Overall, a must get for any WW2 toy collector!

Amazing head sculpt

Private Daniel kissing the cross and ID tag.

Nice Legging!

M1903 Sniper Rifle with scope

Never ever insult your boss...


LEon said...

Wow this is one piece of work. I remember him as a very good marksman but sad ending...

The Rebel said...

Nice review Adrian....u've managed to poison me yet again. My Capt Miller (Soldier Story ver.) is kinda lonely.....seeing your review pics here makes me wanna get Pvt Daniel soon!

Pls continue the sequenrce where Pvt Daniel gets his a** pounded by the German 88s! LOL!

desmond said...

I like the movie but less interest for its 12inch figures..

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes Leon...I really like this one.
It was my pleasure poisoning your mind...again LOL.
Yeah Des...I noticed you seldom collect WW2 figures.

排骨酥May said...

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