Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Little Plastic Man Top 10 Fave Awards 2009 - Number 5

We have reached the halfway mark.
At number 5 is Takara Encore G1 Bruticus!
Bruticus is not my most favourite Combiners (my all time favourite is Devastator), but gets into the list because I think all Combiners are super cool!
You can read my review of Bruticus here.

Over to our reporter for more update with the robot of the moment!

LPM reporter : Congrats on getting into the LPM Top 10 Fave Toys for 2009.
5 Combaticons (all talking at the same time) : I am talking...Shu...Hey!
LPM reporter : I can't guys need to take turn to talk!
5 Combaticons (all talking at the same time) : No...I am turn...hey...get ou...shut....!!
LPM reporter : Sigh...

Bruticus with his LPM

Guess what!
Last year's No 5 is also Takara Encore Transformers!

1 comment:

LEon said...

Those 5 may fight over the award. LOL


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