Sunday, December 6, 2009

F.A.T.S - D44 "Flying Death" with P1 Self Propelling Rocket System, SPRS

Another machine to roll out from the F.A.T.S (Future Advanced Tactical System) factories. Presenting the D44 "Flying Death" with the P1 Self Propelling Rocket System, SPRS.
The D44 "Flying Death" is a one man piloted rocket and will usually launch itself from the P1 SRPS . Once launched, the pilot will navigate the rocket and dive into the target. Very much like the Japanese Yokosuka Ohka and Kamikaze in WW2.

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Ready for launch

P1 Self Propelling Rocket System, SPRS

The D44 "Flying Death"


desmond said...

F.A.T.S series continues to rock!! Keep it up :)

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks for the support! This makes me want to expand my F.A.T.S universe even more!

The Rebel said...

Impressive! You should seriously patent these designs bro. Who knows....might be the beginning of something huge here!

LEon said...

I like the "one way ticket" decal. LOL

Unknown said...

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