Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dragon US Army 2nd Ranger Battalion Captain Miller (Omaha Beach)

I have been trying to find this figure for awhile and finally got it last weekend (yippee!). This figure (to me at least) represents Captain John H. Miller played by Tom Hanks in the 1998 movie Saving Private Ryan.
Saving Private Ryan is one of my favorite movie and I have watched it goodness know how many times. The movie was directed by Steven Spielberg.
The movie is set during the invasion of Normandy in WW2. In the beginning of the movie, the audience is hit by the intensity and the horror of war for 24 minutes when the Americans came ashore on Omaha beach on June 6, 1944. Afterward, it follows Tom Hanks as Captain John H. Miller and several Rangers from the 2nd Ranger Battalion as they search for a paratrooper (James Francis Ryan) played by Matt Damon of the 101st Airborne Division, who had lost 3 of his brothers in the war and got himself a ticket home. The movie ends as intensely and exciting as it started, with a full battle as the outnumbered rangers & paratroopers defended an important bridge in Ramelle against a German force supported by tanks, a towed FlaK 38 cannon, and half-tracks. Majority of the rangers including Captain Miller were killed in this battle.
I particularly like this figure because it reminded me of the movie and it has all the equipments that an American soldier had to lug ashore under immense heavy machine gun fire.
The figure comes with the following:

M1 helmet with Captain’s bars
Assault Vest Field jacket and shirt
Trousers with side pockets
M5 Gas mask pouch
M26 life preserver
Web belt Colt .45 with spare clip
M1910 entrenching tool in holder
Two grenades
Water canteen and holder
Bayonet and Scabbard
Thompson M1A1 SMG with 3 spare clips
Ammo bag
Boots and leggings

As my skill in kitbashing is limited, this figure does the job in representing one of the greatest WW2 movie ever made! Too bad it does not have the likeness of Tom Hanks. Now I will be in a look out mode for a head sculpt of Tom Hanks...LOL.
You can check out Alex (1:6 guru) version of Captain Miller equipped with Tom Hanks likeness! (Very nice)

Captain John H. Miller of the
2nd Ranger Battalion


Keep the sand out of your weapons.
Keep those actions clear. I'll see you on the beach


M1 helmet with Captain’s bars

Ranger insignia

Too bad it does not have Tom Hanks likeness


Joshua said...

awesome gear and outfit..pity on fact the headsculpt bears no resemblence to tom hanks

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

thanks for the plug adrian :) I love this figure too and was fortunate to come across Tom Hank's head sculpt. original figure looks a bit like Bruce Willis IMHO

Little Plastic Man said...

Joshua - Yah...too bad about the headsculpt.
Alex - No problem. I really like your version very much!


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