Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mattel Movie Master Bat-Pod

What do you do if you want the Bat-Pod but...
1) You can't afford to buy the Hot Toys version
2) Don't want to waste your hard earned $$ on the crappy mass market version
3) Don't want a stylized version of Batman to ride on it will get Mattel Movie Master Bat-Pod!

In my earlier post, I predicted that I will most probably get it and I will pay a premium for it! If only I was so accurate when buying the lottery...sigh...
Mattel Movie Master (MM) line is intended squarely at collectors and so far consisted of the characters in the 2 Batman movies, Batman Begins and Dark Knight (I got Batman TDK suit & Joker). Surprisingly Mattel decided to do a vehicle and they chose the Bat-pod.

The sculpt for the Bat-pod is pretty decent and is close to the movie. The tires are made from rubber with sculpted treads, hence making it realistic. My complaint for the Bat-pod is the paint. I did not like the metallic wash that they used as it made the pod grimy looking! Maybe Mattel was trying to get the "after the battle" look.
The Bat-pod was made for the 6" Movie Masters figures and if you have the Bat-pod you have to make Batman ride it...however it's easier said that done. I found it difficult to fit Batman on it but Michael from mwctoys seems to be able to fit Batman pretty well onto the Bat-pod. I have to agree with him though that it's more of a problem with the figure (having a neck joint that doesn't have quite the range of movement it really needs) rather than a problem with the Bat-pod.

Overall a good addition to the MM line. I was excited when I first read about this but for the price I paid maybe not that excited...but still happy!

You can also read Shaun's review on the Hot Toys version of the Bat-pod.

Simple packaging

Batman looks uncomfortable!

After all Batman is still only human...


Shaun said...

What was the damage, Adrian? Looks quite nice, IMHO, and thanks for the pix. :)

desmond said...

Good score!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Shaun...80 bucks! And it's not even die cast! Luckily a friend decided to pay half as a christmas gift...LOL.
Desmond - Good score but price not leh.

Shaun said...

Adrian, brutal man $80! Luckily damage was halved by your kind friend. Looks good when all's said and done.

LEon said...

$80 still costly to me. Glad that you like it.


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