Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker

I finally got my hands on this! My first Hot Toys 12" inch figure and what a first figure to have.
Looking at pictures is one thing but having it in your hands is another.
To me, the head sculpt is simply amazing. It is definitely much better than the head sculpt from the first joker. This time the resemblance to Heath Ledger is spot on! What gives this sculpt so much realism is the eyes. The sculpting of the eyes is done really well. If there is a fault with the sculpt, it will be the lips as they look a bit swollen. However that is a minor minor flaw.
The paint job is excellent. An excellent sculpt can be destroyed by a terrible paint job but this time, I think the paint job has complemented the sculpt very well and together brought about the realism and resemblance of the character! Great job by JC Hong (main painter) & Yulli (main sculpter). Their work as a team is outstanding.
This figure comes with 2 new head sculpts. One with the hair combed back (used if you want the joker to wear the clown mask) and the other one with the hair down. I personally like the one with the hair down.
The clothes are very well made and fit the figure very snugly. I particularly like the jacket and trousers...they fit the body so well.
The figure comes with the following accessories:

Bag for putting 2 smoke grenades and 4 grenades
Clown mask
Extra pair of gloved hands
Machine gun & removable magazine
Pistol & removable ammo clip
Deck of cards
Stack of dollar bills
Base and stand

Overall, an excellent figure to have and display. This will definitely be in my Top 10 toys for 2008. Even though, the price point is on the high side, you are getting a figure that has set a standard for the 12" inch market!

The box comes with a sleeve
Front view of the sleeve

Back view of the sleeve

Front view of the box

Back view of the box with the credits

Inside of the box

The 2 beautiful head sculpts

Show me the money!

Joker with his clown mask on

The accessories

The Joker at the red carpet for the annual Little Plastic Man
Top 10 toys for 2008!


Shaun said...

congrats on your first HT figure, Adrian, very cool one to start with.

Joshua said...

sweet pictures of em' brother!

just picked my HT br joker from TFH today only...when did you pick yours up?

LEon said...

I love this figure also as it has the good likeness of the actor and character! Nice photo shots as well.

desmond said...

Welcome to the world of Hot Toys!!

Kenny said...

Your first HT figure? I'm sorry for your wallet.

Shaun said...

@Kenny: LMAO! That's way brutal bro.

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks guys! Its really a nice figure to display.
Kenny - Don't worry bro...I made peace with my wallet! It'll understand. :)

Little Plastic Man said...

Joshua - I picked mine up last Thursday.

LEon said...

Adrian I hope you are okay if i use one of your well taken picture of the joker in my blog in one of my post. I will just reference the picture directly and credit to you. Do let's me know if you are not okay with it.

Little Plastic Man said...

Leon - No problem, go ahead.

Joshua said...

lol i got my BR joker...and it'd be the last haul of the year. i've squeezed, wrangled, strangled, wringed it as far as it can ever go...

its bust/dead/flat/burnt. =D

hopefully dealers dont' screw me over by releasing IRONMAN HT this month...

Little Plastic Man said...

Joshua - I hope by next year (or earlier) your wallet will feel much better!...LOL

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

GREAT start Adrian ;P welcome to a whole new world of PAIN - pain for you if you don't get it and pain for your wallet if you do. Like they say, No Pain No Gain... simply ENJOY :)

Joshua said...

Yep it'd be...UP AND RUNNING and ready to RUMBLE for TWO-FACE HARVEY DENT!!!!!!

Jcee said...

Great pics and review!

His facial features are so detailed and realistic that it gave me the creeps!


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