Saturday, December 13, 2008

Toybiz Lord of the Rings Haradrim

After a short rest from reviewing LOTR figures, I am back with the review of the Haradrim.
The primitive and savage people of Harad lived in one of the harshest environments in Middle-earth. The tribes of Haradrim lived in a nomadic existence. Due to the lack of natural resources, they relied on organic material such as bone, tusk and obsidian for their armor in place of steel. Their greatest weapon is of course the Mumakil which they rode to battle. The Haradrim would fire spears and arrows from the covered frame placed on top of the Mumakil.
The Haradrim appeared in the Return of the King where they took part in the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Most of the Harad's population was wiped out there when Aragon unleashed the Dead Men of Dunharrow upon them.

Toybiz gave us the tribal leader (or rider of the Mumakil) and the Haradrim soldier. The tribal leader only comes in the Battle of Pelennor Fields gift set. As there were no specific actors playing these characters, the head sculpt is of a generic male.
I like the sculpt of the tribal leader and the detail of the armor is pretty decent too. You can tell from the armor that it is supposed to be made from a composite of bamboo, wicker, bone, tusk and stone. It even comes with the spiked ceremonial frames which the leaders wear on their back. However the frame did bend over time.
The paint is clean which is mostly in line with the LOTR series.
I had mixed feelings for the Haradrim soldier because I only like the top part of the figure. The top consisted of his armor which was well done. Again you can tell that the armor is supposed to be made from bamboo and wicker.
The main problem is the bottom part of the figure, the Haradrim soldier looks like he is wearing a hula skirt! I think Toybiz was trying to get the worn out cloth look but it did not turn out right.
On top of that, he can't stand properly because one leg is kinda longer than the other.
The accessories are decent and are what you will expect from this series. The tribal leader comes with his spear and frame while the Haradrim soldier comes with his bow, sword and 3 arrows.

Overall, decent figures. I got them basically because I was trying to collect the different armies of Middle-earth.

Tribal Leader

Haradrim soldier

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