Monday, December 22, 2008

Little Plastic Man Top 10 Fave Awards 2008 - Number 8

In at Number 8 is Hot Toys Chubby Series 2!
These are very cute toys and it was very creative of Hot Toys to take their lead from traditional Matryoshka dolls.
They are soooooo cute that I had to put them in the list!
You can read my review here.

Now to our roving reporter as he has a few words with the winning team!

LPM reporter : Hey guys! Congrats on getting into the the LPM Top 10 Fave Toys 2008!
Jango Fett : We are very happy to be in the list!
Clone Trooper : We thought we did not stand a chance...given that our shape and proportion is not perfect as compared to the other toys.
Rebel Pilot : Yes...our cuteness paved the way!
LPM reporter : I'm happy for you!
Boba Fett : Guys...lets do our dance!
LPM reporter : Enjoy your win!

Great win for the Chubby Team

Chubby Team doing their victory dance!


Joshua said...

I SERIOUSLY love that victory dance...the whole slanting to the side never fails to make me laugh...

desmond said...

Agree here..

Juliana said...

I love the victory dance too! They look so cute and joyful in those dance poses! :)

Little Plastic Man said...

Yup gal & guys! They are in the holiday mood!

Anonymous said...

i really wanna buy those toys.
may i know where you got them and how much?

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi Anonymous...I got this at Action City (Singapore).Don't think they sell it anymore but you can check. China Square also sometimes can get!


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