Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem Series 2

Managed to find the time today to open my NECA's AVP Requiem Predators (unmasked & masked) from their packaging today.
I did not manage to catch the movie so some of the accessories kind of left me wondering...
Predators using a whip which looks like an Alien's tail or the large backpack cleaner kit. (thank goodness our rifle cleaning kit is not that big!)

Well.....the 2 predators' sculpts are almost identical.
However there are 2 notable differences:
1) One is masked and the other unmasked (ok that was obvious)
2) The accessories

Accessories : Unmasked Predator / Masked Predator

Masked Predator comes with a large backpack cleaner kit,
battery pack & cannon which can be attached to his back

Unmasked Predator comes with a battery pack &
2 cannons which can be attached to his back

The 2 Predators side by side

Unmasked Predator

Masked Predator

The Macfarlane's Predator (based on the movie Predator 2) seems
darker than NECA's one.

Edward Scissorhands the barber

In my toy cabinet, Edward Scissorhands and Morpheus are placed together.
One day while I was looking at my toy display, a picture hit me.
I just had to do this.....:>

Speed Racer Mach 5

I had to decide whether to buy Hot Wheels's version of the Mach 5 based on the up coming Speed Racer movie or Jada Toys die cast version (1:24) which is based on the cartoon (I think).

Well I did not lose much sleep over it..
I of course bought the die cast version. Seriously, did you see the Mach 5 made by Hot Wheels...not worth $29.90 at all.
I managed to get the Mach 5 from Falcon Hanger for $35 which I think was way more value for money even though it was not based on the movie's design.

From what I can see from the movie's pictures, I think Jada's version looks similar to the one in the movie even though it is based on the cartoon.

I am actually considering buying Hot Wheels's 1:64 Speed Racer cars. They look kind of cool and I can get my hands on a cheap Racer X's race car.
Hmmmm they might look nice on my office's desk............................

Go Go Speed Racer!

More details on the dashboard would have been nice.

Who can resist the Mach 5!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Takara Encore G1 Jazz

I could not help myself. I kept telling myself to stick to movie related toys.
But I just had to get them.

I always love the G1 design. As I can't afford the vintage G1 toys, I am happy to settle for the Takara Encore series.

Just last week, I picked up Jazz. I love this design especially in robot mode.
Don't know why but I just like robots with this kind of boxy design.

Hoping that there will be Grimlock, Insecticon, Hound, Prowl..etc in the pipeline for the Encore series.

Even toys need a makeover!


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