Saturday, August 30, 2008

Coca Cola Miniature Collectibles

Got the information that 7-11 was selling this Coca Cola set from Desmond, so I quickly went out to get them.
The set comes with fridge, open chiller and eight different food packs (contents are listed on the package). Getting all eight sets of the food packs will not fill up the chiller and fridge but with creative placing of the drinks and food, the fridge and chiller look like they are well stocked!
The scale is a bit small for 12" figures, a bit too big for 6" figures and definitely too big for 3-4" figures. I think they look just right for 9" figures (not much figures come in this scale)
Great item! The price was reasonable and it looks great!
Great for Coca Cola and Toys collectors!

I think it fits the 9" NECA Alien figure nicely

Always Coca-Cola

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Paper Toys Marshmallow Man Ghostbusters

One of my favourite character (beside Slimer) in the movie Ghostbusters.
Love the movie (only the first one) and this character so I decided to make a paper toy out if it.
I also have the 15" NECA figure and if I have the time I will post photos of it too.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Megahouse Genesis Climber Mospeada

Got this toy a few months back but was too lazy to convert the cycle to the armor suit. It was only last weekend that I finally sat down and tried to transform it. The figure looks really good after the conversion that I had to take photos and post it.

Take your time to transform it as it can be quite frustrating to do so. There is a need to take certain parts out so be very careful not to snap anything off in the process (I kinda snap off the cycle's handles). There are also quite a few very small parts involved so take your time and read the instruction carefully.
After you done it once, its quite easy to transform it back and vice versa. But I don't think you will bother to do so.
In terms of main accessories, there are 2 heads sculpt (one with helmet and one without), 7 hands sculpt and targeting equipment. There is also a bonus part which will need fixing. Its basically containers which can be fixed onto the back of the cycle.

Overall, the figure looks really good but it can't stand on its own. You need the stand to keep it up.
If I am not wrong, Toynami & CM's Corp have there own version but judging from the pictures my vote is with Megahouse!

After transformation

Before transformation
Cruising along the highway


Bonus parts

Bonus parts

Greed of the corporate world

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New EPL season (2008/09) is here

As a loyal supporter of Liverpool and fan of soccer, I am relieved and happy that the new EPL season has finally started. During the last few months before the season started, my weekends were filled with emptiness as I suffered EPL/Liverpool withdrawal syndrome..LOL

As a Liverpool supporter, every season I hope that they do well and win as many titles. This season is no different and I have decided to put on my blog the 4 trophies that are up for grabs.
If Liverpool is unable to win that trophy, I will cross it out. Hopefully as the season ends, there are not much crosses..:)

Bring it on!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paper Toys Joker

Everyone is raving about the movie and the figures from Hot Toys.
So I decided to make a paper toy of the Joker.
Did not turn out as I expected....
Oh well..Why so serious....LOL

The Joker

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Paper Toys Stormtrooper

Kinda enjoy making paper toys!
Recently discovered some new techniques so decided to try it out.
Decided to make one of the most recognizable character in the world....
Yes the Stormtrooper!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dragon Red Army Sniper Misha (Stalingrad 1942)

This figure has been in my "only if the price is right I'll buy it" category for awhile. It was only last Saturday when I managed to snag it at a reasonable price at CSC.
This figure is a sniper of the Red Army (Stalingrad 1942) called Misha and it resembles Jude Law's character, Vassili Zaitsev, in the movie Enemy at the Gates.

Enemy at the Gates was a WW2 movie released in 2001 and was directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud.
The movie is about Vassily Zaitsev (Jude Law) a hero in Russia. He was a sniper who was responsible for many German kills. In order to counter this threat, the Germans bring in their own sharp-shooter, Major Konig played by Ed Harris. They engaged in a cat and mouse hunt. There was also a love story between Vassily and another Russian soldier named Tania (Rachel Weisz). Personally I felt it was pointless to have this love story as it does not add any thing to the story. I rather have more big battle scenes or sniper sequences between Vassily and Konig.
Overall the movie was rather draggy and the moments I enjoyed most from the movie was the beginning (the big battle scene) and the ending (Vassili Vs Major Konig).

The head sculpt resembles Jude Law but the shape of the face is broader as Jude Law has a sharper face.
There is not that much accessories but this is expected as I don't think a WW2 Russian sniper carries that much equipment. The figure comes with a winter cap (shapka-ushanka), padded jacket (telogreika), leather belt, water bottle & cartridge pouch and shelter quarter (plasch-palatka). The plasch-palatka was simply a square of water proofed cotton duck fitted with a drawstring across one corner. It was usually used as a rain cape or for camouflage. If it was not being used, it was folded lengthwise and worn diagonally across the body. The folded plasch-palatka is part of the accessories but you can't unfold it (it was made to look like a folded plasch-palatka).
There are two weapons for this figure. One is the M91/30 and the other is the PPSh sub-machine gun with 2 cartridges.

Overall a decent figure which I will only buy if the price is right.

Vassily Zaitsev, great Russian hero

A fatter Jude Law

Off to gun down more German officers

What does a sniper do during his free time? - clean his rifle
of course!


1 shot 1 kill

Sorry to all who love Barney.....


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