Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark V

Hot Toys has been milking the Iron Man movie for what it is worth!
They have produced all the suits plus many more variations.
It does not help that in both the Iron Man movies, there are a total of 6 suits and rumor has it that a seventh suit will make its appearance in the The Avengers.

I recently got my hands on Hot Toys Mark V and it is a beauty to behold.
When I was checking the figure at the store, my wife unexpectedly gave out a "WOW!" and everyone stared at us.

Introduced in the second film, the Mark V is a portable suit developed for emergency use made in the six month time gap (between the 2 movies). Lightweight and flexible enough to take the form of a briefcase that's handcuffed to Happy Hogan.
By kicking open the case, inserting his hands into the protruding gloves and placing the main assembly onto his chest, the armor folds out around Stark, quickly forming into a full red-and-silver armor.
The Mark V armor's look was likely inspired by the Silver Centurion armor in the comics.

The packaging is the same for all the Iron Man 2 characters produced by Hot Toys.
I love the metallic feel of the sleeve.
The figure and the accessories are are all stored in one nice tray which I like very much.
The packaging for past Iron Man 2 characters all had a glimpse of the next figure that is due in the series on their sleeves. However for Mark V, there is none. Most likely this figure will be the last of the series.

This suit was developed for emergency use hence it does not have as many fancy stuff as compared to the other suits.
However the sculpting of the suit is perfect and looks really good.
The painting as always is first class!

Accessories are pretty decent.
You get a battle damaged chest plate and arm so you can display it after the battle with Whiplash in Monaco.
Damaged pieces looks real good as you can see all the mangled metal.
Please read the instructions before attempting to do the change. You would not want to break anything especially at Hot Toys pricing

You also get the suitcase that stores the suit, 3 hands and the handcuffs that were used to handcuff the suitcase to Happy Hogan (Tony Stark's chauffeur and personal assistant)

You get two stands for this figure. One is the common stand we usually get along with our Hot Toys figure, however the other stand looks more like what you get from a DX figure.
It has light function and looks real cool. However I am those who do not like to display the figure with the stand. So extra stands mean little to me.

Just like the other suits, this figure also has the standard light function on it head, chest and hands.
However like what Alex from Toy Haven says...please take out the batteries because after some time the batteries will leak and destroy the figure.

Overall another killer figure!
It will fit in nicely with the other "1,000" Hot Toys iron man you might have...:)

Look at all the details...amazing

Awesome details under the chest plate!

Battle damaged Mark V

Let there be light!

Monday, October 24, 2011

TOYSREVIL's First Annual Zombie Pageant

When I found out that Andy was doing his First Annual Zombie Pageant, I submitted a paper toy Zombie named Zombie Boy Jack.
Surprise! Surprise!
My entry was picked by the judges for "MR CONGENIALITY (PLEASE DO NOT EAT ME)" award by having the 2nd most judges' votes!
I am so happy that my paper toy in a way has been recognized...:)

Very unlikely to win the main prize, "The Most Attractive Zombie" based on public voting. However I am very grateful to all who voted for me. Thank you so much!
For those who have not...:) there is still time.
Go down to this link and like Zombie Boy Jack! (show him some support!) Voting ends on October 27th @ 11:59PM (+8 GMT /Singapore-time).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Art-figures Navy Seal Special / Lt A.K. Waters (Tears of the Sun)

Tears of the Sun is a 2003 war movie, depicting a United States Navy SEAL team rescue mission amidst a civil war in the West African country of Nigeria.
Lt. A.K. Waters played by Bruce Willis commands the team sent to rescue U.S. citizen Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks played by Monica Bellucci who will only go with them if they agree to rescue 70 refugees too.

I have never been a great fan of Bruce Willis's movie but Tears of the Sun is an exception. This is one movie I can watch over and over again.
I have always wanted a Lt A.K. Waters 12" figure and with more and more 12" figure companies doing 12" representations of prominent movie characters, I knew some day someone will do a Lt A.K. Waters.
Up comes Art-figures with their Navy Seal Special which is supposed to represent Bruce Willis as Lt A.K. Waters. I am happy.

The packaging is very simple and average.
The front shows off the figure...well that's about it.
Inside the figure and the accessories are not well secured, so do check if you have all the accessories inside

Very simple no fuss packaging

Figure & accessories are loosely packed so do check before you
bring him home!

The sculpting is very good. The texture of the skin looks realistic and great.
I just love the stubble on his face.
But does it look like Bruce? all fairness it does not need to look like Bruce but we all know where Art-figures is going with this figure.
It looks dead on like Bruce when you look at it from the side but from the front something seems to be missing. I am not sure really.
But overall it is a pretty impressive sculpt.
The painting is equally impressive and I love how they painted the stubble on his face and hair. It looks impressive as hell!

My love hate relationship with 12" figures.
I love them for their beautiful sculpt, great details and wonderful accessories but I also hate putting the accessories on.
Yes I admire the details that can be found in such small accessories but putting them on is really a pain.
This figure is no different. Plenty of wonderful detailed accessories but it means more time and sweat goes into putting all of them on.
Well just take your time and do it once. I don't think you want to do this twice!

Being used to getting many pairs of extra heads with other 12" offering, I was expecting the same for this figure. However I was surprised to just get 1 pair of hands.
Don't worry, they are hands with bendable fingers so they more or less function like real hands.

The uniform is pretty well made and I love the fact that they stained the bottom of the pants to make them look like they are covered with mud. A pretty nice touch.
I also like the feel of the uniform.
It reminds me of the time when I served my national service, after a week out in the field, my uniform felt hard and stiff due to all the hardened mud and sweat. Yes that is how the uniform feels like!

Overall a well made figure. Good sculpt and great accessories. To date, this would be the best 12" represntation of Lt A.K. Waters in the movie Tears of the Sun.

Lt A.K. Waters

Lt A.K. Waters fully geared up


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