Saturday, April 12, 2014

Play Toy Purple Girl aka Hit Girl

I am not a comic person hence I get my superhero fixes and education from the movies. I just couldn't get myself into comics...

Anyway, I am pleased that they made a movie based on the Kick Ass comic.
I just love ordinary people trying to do extraordinary things for the good of mankind, something like Spiderman but this time round, Kick-Ass is not even trained in any form of martial arts let alone have any superpowers.
Hit-Girl is another cool character that I like.

Play Toy specialises in 12" female bodies and they have produced female heroes from movies like Uma Thruman in Kill Bill (The Bride) and Chloe Moretz in Kick Ass 2 (Hit Girl).
Play Toy basically do not have the licence to create the characters in the movies hence you get names like Killer Bride for the Uma Thurman figure and Purple Girl for Hit Girl.
This is a pretty cool as I get to buy the characters I like but not at a very high cost. I guess the downsize is that the sculptors would have to source their own research material.

The packaging is pretty simple.
A shoe box style packaging that holds the figure and accessories decently.
The packaging art does grow on me and I like the purple color scheme.
Please examine your figure closely before purchasing it as there are consistently little defects.
There was even one that was missing an accessory.

The sculpting is only 50-50.
Why I say that is because the head sculpt does not resemble Chloe Moretz at all.
However the lips do, hence if you put on her mask, you can see Chole in the figure.

The suit is pretty well done and solid.
A major gripe is the looseness of the joints especially the hand joints. It comes out so easily.
You might also need a stand for this figure as it does not stand well alone.

Play Toy specialise in 12" nude female bodies that come with nipples.
The nipples show through the suit. It is pretty obvious in the pictures.
Play Toy could have padded them up but you can easily do it yourself.

The accessories are pretty good and you get most of Hit-Girl's weapons.
The cape has a wire in it for dynamic posing.
Overall, we are given a pretty good amount of accessories.

Play Toy targets a specific need of the toy collector and I applaud them for it.
Female heroes...what's not to like.
I only wish the QC was better. Anyone willing to do Kick-Ass??

Hit-Girl before gearing up.


Hit-Girl all suited up.
I think she looks the best like that.


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