Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dragon US 1st Cavalry Lt Col Moore & RTO Smith

Majority of my toy collection is made up of 6" figures. I only have a few 12" figures.
I would love to add more but due to a limited budget I just have to resist the temptation.
However after I stumbled onto Shaun & Alex's blogs, I was so inspired by their collection that when I saw this set I just had to buy it.

This item is based on the Battle of Ia Drang in November 1965, the first major engagement of American troops in the Vietnam War.
It was made into the film "We were Soldiers" with Mel Gibson playing the character of Lt Col Moore.
The movie was enjoyable but not fantastic.

I especially love the details on the AN/PRC-25 radio and it even comes with a spare antenna & handset pouch.
I spent some time putting the accessories onto the figures. I must admit it was frustrating at times but overall I did enjoy myself.

1st Cavalry Lt Col Moore & RTO Smith

Lt Col Moore

Mel Gibson as Lt Col Moore

RTO Smith

The AN/PRC-25 radio and spare antenna & handset pouch

If you had to carry that huge radio on your back, might as well make the best of it

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