Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hot Toys Mark II Armor Unleashed

The Iron Man Movie Series has been good to Hot Toys.
In every movie we get to see a new Iron Man suit which translates to a new Iron Man figure from Hot Toys. With so many suits, we get more variants or new updated versions of previous releases!
The Mark II is no different. It was first launched in 2009 and 3 years later we have an unleashed version.
Mainly due to the fact that the suit was given another dose of screen time in the second movie plus a scene where it was stripped off its armour to show the insides gave Hot Toys the opportunity to come out with this version.
I don't like the idea of new version of previous releases because you basically pay full price for maybe an extra 20% improvement of what you already have.
However this time, I will make an exemption because I regretted not getting the original Mark II and now I get an unleashed one (@ a resonable price). Yeah!!

The packaging is pretty simple.
A front of the slipcase showing the head and shoulders of the figure . The inner box slides out from the right hand side and has a window to showcase the figure.
What I like about this packaging, simple as it is, is the silver duo tone color. Very true to the Mark II

What makes Hot Toys the master in sculpting Iron Man's suits is the effort put in to get every little detail right.
This Unleashed version, where we have the stripped down version of Mark II as seen in the second movie, allows Hot Toys to go crazy with the sculpting and detailing.
Every wire, nut, screw and everything mechanic are most probably there in the sculpt.
I am pretty sure many collectors will be displaying this figure in it stripped down form. It is too beautiful not to...
The head sculpt is of Don Cheadle as he was the one that uses the Mark II in the second movie. Looks like a reuse of the sculpt from the War Machine figure.
In this set we get three complete heads, one which reveals Don's face, the second with the light up lenses and lastly my favourite - the new empty helmet with detailing on its interior.

We all know Hot Toys is way above their competition in painting and when it comes to painting shiny metallic pieces, boy do they know how!
Who says that guys do not like shiny things.
The Mark II shines and sparkles! There is something darn sexy about polished metal.
It is amazing that Hot Toys could capture the essence and look of polished metal onto a plastic 12" figure.

Empty helmet

Devil is in the details!

What I like most about this figure is the ability to stripped down the Mark II suit. Hot Toys even threw in 1 autopsy display table.
Given that it is not of the highest quality but it serves its purpose.
I would love to frame and display the Mark II in its unassembled form...I bet it would look awesome.

The figure comes with 2 display stands.

Like all other Hot Toys Iron Man releases, they all have to come with light up features.
Something we have come to expect!

Overall a damn sexy figure. This figure does not disappoint at all.
I am counting my lucky stars that I resisted on getting the first release of the Mark II.
This is definitely an Unleashed version!


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