Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tokidoki Adios & Skeletrino

Adios and Skeletrino are the signature characters from Tokidoki's 'Til Death Do Us Part' line, which features the cutest undead lovebirds in this life or any other.
Adios spent 500 years in fire and brimestone before the Devil discovered his good natured ways and kicked him out of Hell. Too mischievous for Heaven, Adios was condemned to live forever on Earth, in his modern grave-loft with his girlfriend Ciao Ciao and their cat Skeletrino.They wander the world, sharing with others how to make the most out of life.

In the recent STGCC 2012, I managed to get my hands on Adios and Skeletrino. Slightly regretted not getting Ciao Ciao and now I am on the look out for her.

Packaging is pretty simple which protects and shows off the figure well. There are plenty of graphics on the box and is in-line with the overall feel of the series.
Even if you have no clue about these characters, you can tell from the packaging they are from the same series or line.

Adios' Packaging

Skeletrino's packaging

I like Adios design very much and the black & white color combination has always been my top fave combination.
Usually designer toys have very limited or no articulation. Adios is only articulated at the arms.
One little feature I like about this figure is that the cape is made of a cloth like material and not a moulded piece.

Skeletrino design is pretty simple but compliments Adios well.
His only articulation is at his tail.
At first glance, Skeletrino does remind me of an emo Hello Kitty...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stephen Chow in Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle is a 2004 Hong Kong action comedy film directed and produced by, and starring Stephen Chow.
The cartoon style of the film, accompanied by traditional Chinese music, is often cited as its most striking feature.
Kung Fu Hustle pays tribute to many famous veterans of Hong Kong action cinema of the 1970s.
Yuen Wah, a former student of the China Drama Academy Peking Opera School, plays the Landlord of the Pig Sty Alley. He has appeared in hundreds of Hong Kong films from the 1970s and was a stunt double of Bruce Lee.
The part of the Landlady was offered to Yuen Qiu, another student of Yu Jim-yuen, sifu of the China Drama Academy.
Bruce Leung, who played the Beast, is Stephen Chow's childhood martial arts hero. Leung Siu Lung was a famous action film director and actor in the 1970s and 1980s, known as the "Third Dragon" after Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

I always like Stephen Chow's movies and Kung Fu Hustle ranks as one of the best.
When Headplay produced a Stephen Chow head sculpt (likeness to the movie), I decided it was time to kit bash Stephen Chow in his movie Kung Fu Hustle.

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to get 1/6th scale Chinese kung fu suits for kit bashing. The top is from my Enterbay Ip Man leftover while the pants & shoes I got from ebay.
This kit bash depicts the part when Chow's character undergoes a metamorphosis after he is severely beaten up by the Beast.
His chi-energy activates and flow through his body. He quickly recovers from his wounds and becomes the "natural-born martial arts genius"!

Overall, a very simple kit bash which I am pretty satisfied with.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2012 Part 3

One of the highlights of STGCC which I look forward to is the Artists Alley.
This is where I get to admire the works of different artists from all over the world in person.

First stop is Trisian Eaton.
Born in Los Angeles in 1978, Tristan began pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from billboards to dumpsters in the urban landscape wherever he lived, including London, Detroit and New York. Eaton designed his first toy for Fisher Price at 18 years old and has since become a driving force in the world of 'Designer Toys '.

Just love some of his works!

Was not familiar with Max Toy Company until I chance upon them at STGCC.
The man behind San Francisco-based Max Toy Company is Mark Nagata.
In the Japanese-inspired art and toy area, as well as throughout the larger toy collecting community, Mark is welcomed and recognized for his personal passion and commitment to supporting artists all around the world and the unique works they create. Beginning as a collector in his youth, Mark has had for years a keen eye for great art and a personal interest in collecting that he has spread through a variety of outlets.

These designer toys are inspired by 80's Japanese Ultraman show.
It looks cool and I was tempted to pick a few but decided to not start another area of collection.

I got my hands on adFunture's STGCC exclusive release of 2 new YOKAs.
Two Singaporean artists are responsible for the designs. Of course must support our local artists!
Clog02 was responsible for designing THE GRIZZLY YOKA while PHU! was responsible for

Rebel Yoka by PHU!

The Grozzly Yoka by Clog02

Getting my photos taken with Glogo2 & PHU!

At the Might Jaxx booth at STGCC, we have the larger than life-sized 3 foot HELL LOTUS alongside the display of the "regular" colorway Hell Lotus and the STGCC Edition all-red Blood Lotus.

Hell Lotus

STGCC Edition all-red Blood Lotus

Another stop is TOYSREVIL!

Found these cute USB Flash Drive at Boo Berry booth.
Too bad I don't collect flash drives or else I would have gotten a couple of these.
Really like some of the designs.

They also did some collaboration with artists from our region.
Nice customs.

My Favourite

Another artist's booth that caught my eye was Trobok.
His toys and designs are done using the Makerbot 3D printer.
Very interesting concept and his final products look awesome!

There were some nice prints at Kush Kush.

Really some nice designs.
Very Peter Rabbit-like designs!

Kush Kush shared her booth with Mari Brand.

Unfortunately did not catch this designer's name but he was doing his own 12" figures design.
Pretty nice!

Gun for a head!

Could not cover all the artist at STGCC but I salute all of them for following their passion and bringing us all the great designs and art.

This time round at STGCC, there were two huge Star Wars Lego display.

Like past STGCC, we will have a Star Wars diorama with hidden Easter Eggs!
Was too lazy to search for all of them...:P

Managed to find just 2...

Besides toys there were also posters and pictures on display!
The retro superheroes pictures really caught my eye as they were colorful and cool.
Will fit in nicely in my toy room!

I used to have 3 Lord of the Rings poster s in my old house.
Now they are collecting dust in my storeroom...hahaha

There is the Graffiti Wall where you could draw anything on it.
Wanted to draw something on it to leave my mark on STGCC but could not squeeze in...
Maybe next time I go earlier...hee hee
Notice the Beast Brothers' design...

As I roam around the event hall, I came across the signing area.

Haha...The Beast Brothers was signing for the adoring fans!

Not really into Cosplay, but this Gundam really caught my eye.
Wow...a lot of effort, time and $$ must have been put into this.

As usual, the 501st Legion was there.
Thanks to them, we had Stormtroopers, Jango Fett & Darth walking around the hall and letting us take photos.
Damn it must be hot under those costumes.

Outside the hall, there will many cosplayers lining the corridor as they get ready and become their favourite character for a day!

Well another STGCC has passed and I am already looking forward to STGCC 2013.
See you next year!

As usual, what's a trip to STGCC without a toy haul!

My 2 YOKAs

Tokidoki's Adios and Skeletrino

To-Fu Trexi!

Finally I got them for a very good price!!!

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