Friday, March 27, 2009


Was feeling bored so created this...
Gundam relaxing without his body...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Public Service Announcement

There is a toy sale at Taka's (Singapore) toys department.
Great discounts of more than 50%.
Mostly McFarlane's stuff.
1) Halo 3
2) Guitar Hero
3) Call of Duty (WW2)
4) Mattel's Cars.
The 13" Halo 3 Master Chief from McFarlane is selling at $29.90 down from $49.90
So hurry down if you are a McFarlane/Halo's fan or just want to buy something on impuse!
I did!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Mattel Movie Master

I do like Mattel's Movie Master series and the new figures are pretty awesome. The Joker's head sculpt is a vast improvement to the old one. Like I said before, Hot Toys got the 12" scale figures covered for the Dark Knight movie while Mattel's got the 6" scale covered.
A great movie deserves great toys!
The only problem is the price point but if you wait long enough you might get it cheaper. I currently have the TDK Batman & Joker and Batpod.
As for me I don't think I will be getting them as I am currently hooked on 12" figures, so with the limited $$ I have they will all go towards collecting 12" figures.

Pictures are from

Who's the Man!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Subway 1/6 The Screaming

It is pretty obvious that this figure is depicting Jack Torrance played by Jack Nicholson in the movie The Shining.
This figure is made by Hong Kong-based toy-company Subway and is not an official product of the movie. However we can all see the likeness to Jack Nicholson especially that leering grin!
You can get this figure from David at Invasion at CSC.


Oh...that grin!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Paper Toys Watchmen Ozymandias

My 4th paper toy Watchmen is Ozymandias.
2 more to go before I get my paper toy Watchmen group shot.
Ozymandias was rather fun to make but I am looking forward to doing Nite Owl.
You can view my other Watchmen paper toys here.

Ozymandias with his mask!

2 more to go!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Little Fun from the Little Plastic Man

Found some rough paper lying around and decided to do something creative with it.
Hence introducing the APT (Armor Personal Transport). It holds two person and has rocket launchers as it's main weapon...LOL
Just did it out of fun and boredom. Maybe I will look into creating some paper toys along this line...Hmmmm


I am doing my part for the economy!

With this recession, everyone is tightening their belts, spending less on luxury items (toy collecting as one of them). However, I seem to be just pre-ordering a lot of 12" figures (as compared to my past spending) & Transformers! On one hand I am very happy and excited that these toy companies are producing my fave characters, but on the other hand my wallet is unhappy and is now refusing to talk to me...LOL.

We are just into March and I have already pre-ordered the following:
These are excluding toys which catch my fancy when I am out shopping...How like that!

Hot Toys Alan Dutch

Hot Toys T600

SideShow Storm Shadow

Sideshow Snake Eyes

Encore Bruticus

And these are figures I am eyeing and will pre-order once it is out.

SideShow StormTrooper

SideShow Cobra Trooper

Monday, March 9, 2009

My New Action Man

My new Action Man took 39 weeks & 6 days to be delivered!
I am totally in love with him.
Sculpting is totally perfect and he is perfectly articulated.
The price of this Action Man is priceless and is one of a kind. Specially for me & my wife only... LOL
Introducing my son, Ethan John.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sideshow GI Joe Storm Shadow

I am really looking forward to Sideshow's GI Joe 12" line.
With Snake Eyes as part of the line-up, it will be a matter of time before Storm Shadow shows up. How can you have Snake Eyes without Storm Shadow!
The pictures of Storm Shadow really excite me however I'm not too keen on the head sculpt...anyway I think most people will probably display him with the covered face.
Yo Joe!
You can read my other GI Joe reviews here.
Other GI Joe figures in Sideshow's line-up.

We don't want it!

After last night's defeat at the hands of Boro, let us be realistic and forget about the mathematical chance, Liverpool’s title bid is over.
What I can't get over is that we seem uninterested and not bothered to even try to make things difficult for Man Utd. Liverpool started so well at the beginning of the season (maybe a bit lucky at times) but lost our way near the end!
It is not just on the field we lost the plot, but also internally within the club. The problems with the 2 owners, the new stadium not being built, manager against CEO...sigh.
I don't even want to talk about Rafa's tactics at times...???

We just don't seem to want it...

Paper Toys Watchmen Comedian

My 3rd Watchmen paper toy is done and it is the Comedian. I really enjoyed creating this figure and I hope you will enjoy it too.
Well, we are at the halfway mark.
3 more to go till the group shop!
You can view my other Watchmen paper toys here.

Hee Hee...removable guns!


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