Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hungry? A Fast Food Invasion!

Based on the teaser post, Little Plastic Man is now proud to present:
Hungry? A Fast Food Invasion!

Don't you just love fast food!
A set of 5 paper figures representing the icons of a fast food nation!




Carl's Jr


Thursday, April 15, 2010

SideShow Storm Shadow

When I first laid hands on Sideshow's Snake Eyes, I knew that I would eventually get Storm Shadow. They are like spoon & fork, ebony & ivory or Spy Vs Spy... they are destined to be displayed together!

I got this at a real good price but as the saying goes "if it is too good to be true, it probably is!"
Even though it was in its packaging, I suspected it had been taken out for display because of the price. However I was shocked when I found out later that 2 parts of the bow have broken off. Luckily it wasn't a problem super glue can't solve.

I really like Sideshow's packaging for the GI Joe line and Storm Shadow's packaging does not differ from it. It has the feel of the old 80's GI Joe design.

The figure comes with 2 interchangeable head sculpts. One is masked and the other unmasked. Even though you can only see the eyes for the masked head, you can still feel the intense stare of Storm Shadow. It goes very well with the overall feel of the character.
I don't really fancy the unmasked head sculpt as it is not very interesting. I assume the majority of the toy collectors would display him with his mask on anyway.

The accessories are pretty good but not as many as Snake Eyes. The good thing is that you get 9 different hand sculpts so you can pose him punching, throwing his shuriken stars, holding his swords or doing a karate chop! That's pretty neat.

Storm Shadow comes with both a black and a white belt which allow more display variety. The inside of both belts has pockets for the shuriken stars. Another cool detail.

Another point to note is that the bow has enough flex to allow Storm Shadow to be posed taking a shot. I did not know about this when taking the photos until I came across this photo.

The list of accessories that come with Stom Shadow -
Masked Head
Unmasked Head
2x Waist Sashes w/ Hidden Pockets
2x Forearm Bracers
2x Leg Wraps
6x Arrows
4x Ninja Stars
Long Sword w/ Functional Scabbard
Short Sword w/ Functional Scabbard
9x Interchangeable Hands
Cobra Display Stand

I love Sideshow's take on the GI Joe line and with Snake Eyes happily on my display shelf, it is a given that Storm Shadow will follow suit.


Unmasked Head Sculpt

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow ready themselves for battle!

We all know what happened with Snake Eyes!


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