Sunday, July 13, 2014

Play Toy Killer Bride aka The Bride in Kill Bill Vol 1

Kill Bill is an American action/thriller film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.Kill bill was originally scheduled for a single theatrical release but with a running time of over four hours, it was separated into 2 movies: Kill Bill Vol 1 and Kill Bill Vol 2.

Play Toy specialises in 12" female bodies and they have taken upon themselves to produce female heroes like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (The Bride).
It is great that companies like Play Toy are doing this figure because it would be almost impossible for bigger companies like Hot Toys to take on such characters. As this is not a licensed figure, they are calling it Killer Bride.
This is a pretty cool as I get to buy the characters I like but not at a very high cost. I guess the downsize is that the sculptors would have to source their own research material.
Play Toy has also done their version of Chloe Moretz in Kick Ass 2 (Hit Girl) which they named as Purple Girl.

The packaging is simple and it has the same design scheme as their Purple Girl figure.
A shoe box style packaging that holds the figure and accessories decently.
Their packaging design does grow on you and I love the Yellow and Black colours.
We can definitely tell what they were going for!

Ok here comes the bad news.
In their Purple Girl figure, their sculpting was average at best.
For this figure, I really think the sculpting is off.
This is supposed to represent Uma Thurman but I just don't see the resemblance.
And she has an expressionless look. Hey she is going to take on the Crazy least she should look determined!
This time I was really fooled by the promo photographs.
Of course, this is not a licensed figure to the Kill Bill movie so the complaint is somehow not "valid".

The hair is rooted but it looks really bad.
It is so messy and the flow so unnatural.
I guess given to a good customiser it could be fixed.

Unlike Purple girl, the joints are pretty good and not that loose.
It stands well on its own.

Thank goodness the accessories are a plus point.
Even though limited but they look good.
I love the shoes.

We are given 2 suits. One clean version and the other covered with Crazy 88's blood.
There is also the Hattori Hanzo's sword and an extra pair of hands.

Killer Bride has the same nipple problem like Purple Girl.
However, the blooded suit covers it up.
Using the clean suit, you can see the nipples.

Overall, I got this figure because it came cheap.
I am disappointed with the sculpt but at least with the accessories you can tell its The Bride from the Kill Bill movie.


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