Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sideshow Commander Cody

Don't we just love our troopers.
Regardless that the sculpting is mostly the same but with different armor painting due to different ranks and divisions, we as collectors will still lap them up.
Genius that George...

I recently got my hands on Sideshow Commander Cody.
Sideshow has already produced a few clone troopers but never one that is as prominent as Commander Cody.
Cody whose real name is CC-2224 was a clone marshal commander assigned to High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Grand Army of the Republic throughout the Clone Wars.

He was the leader of the 7th Sky Corps and also took command of the 212th Attack Battalion.
Cody was a loyal and competent soldier who always followed his orders.
During the Battle of Utapau, Cody received Order 66 from the Supreme Chancellor. In response, Cody ordered one of his AT-TEs to fire at Kenobi even though he and Kenobi were considered friends after going through so many battles together.

The packaging is similar to the other Star Wars offerings from Sideshow. The box flips open and is held together by magnets.
The figures and accessories are held nicely in plastic trays with no twistees.
Clean and nice which results in minimal damage when you take the figure out of the box.
The front of the box shows Cody in his phase II (Revenge of the Sith) armor.
At the left side of the box, Cody is in his phase I (Attack of the Clones) armor and on the right side, he is shown without his helmet.
At the back of the box, there are some movie screen shots plus the famous pose where Cody receives the Order 66.

Front - Phase II armor

Left - Phase I armor

Right - Cody without his helmet


What I love about this figure is that you get the phase I & II helmets plus the head sculpt of Cody. What's more, there are many accessories so you can pose this fellow in so many ways!

I will start with the phase II helmet, since he is best remembered in this version (for those who don't follow the Clone Wars series)

Phase II helmet
There are 2 items that you would need to attach to the helmet. Not really sure what they are but I guess they are either some radar, communicator or antenna.

The helmet is really well done.
Painting is good and with the addition of the weathering, rust and dirt, the helmet really looks good.
The paint is also very clean.

Phase I helmet
Similar to the phase II helmet, I don't have much complaint on this one.
Overall very nicely done.
Notice that the weathering & dirt effect on this is more prominent as compared to the phase II helmet.
Too bad, I am not so familiar with Cody wearing this as I don't really follow the Clone Wars series. Hence this is going into storage.

Head Sculpt of Cody
Well what can I say.
With Hot Toys and other 12" companies upping their game in terms of sculpting, we as collectors now have a much higher standard.
Unfortunately this sculpt falls short.
A very average sculpt and paint job.
There is almost no texture on the skin hence losing the realism of the face.
However no harm done, as I got a sneaky feeling that not much people will display Cody without his helmet on.
So into storage this goes!

Out of the many accessories, there is his jet pack.
At first when I got it out, I wondered to myself how the hell was I going to attach this thing to the figure as there were no holes or pegs to be seen.
Could this be a faulty figure I thought as I tried to attach it to the back of Cody.
As I brought it closer to the figure, the jet pack miraculously snapped onto the figure.
Magnets! So clever! I just love the use of magnets of 12" figures.

Snap on!

The great thing about this figure is that you get so many alternate hands.
Wow...imagine all the different poses you can get out of this one figure.
I really had fun with the hands!

I guess this would be the most popular hand collectors would use.
It is the switch-out hand with Supreme Chancellor Hologram. With this you can depict the scene in which Cody gets the order to execute Order 66.
A very nice touch indeed Sideshow!

You don't just get hands but an extra pair of feet as well.
With this, more dynamic pose it made possible.
Just to add on, the painting on the feet is very well done. Too bad they will be going to storage as well.

Now to the weapons, you get the the BlasTech DC-15A Blaster Carbine and BlasTech DC-15 Blaster Rifle which are standard weapons that come along with clone troopers produced by Sideshow.
However this time round you get an extra pair of blaster pistol.

Standard stand which you will need because as usual the joints of this figure (like every other trooper Sideshow produces) are so freaking loose.
Don't they learn? I don't like to display my figures with the stand but for Sideshow, I have to make exception or else I would picking up fallen figures every day!!

Overall, I love this figure. Despite the loose joints, this is a joy to admire when you display this figure. One of the best trooper Sideshow has produced!

Commander Cody in full phase II armor

Having fun with the hands!

V for Victory?...Nah Cody just wants 2 hotdogs for lunch.

Cody doing the robo dance...

Cody using the blaster pistols.

Receiving Order 66

Cody in his phase I armor.
Engaging the enemy.

Cody without his helmet

Friday, June 24, 2011

The People's FlatHeads

Calling just about anyone who would like to contribute to FlatHeads Series 5.
Entitled The People's Flatheads, I am inviting the People (that's you) to use my FlatHeads blank template (version 1 or 2) and design whatever you want!

From now till 24th of Jul 2011, please send over your template, the name you want to be known as and the picture of your newly designed FlatHeads to this email,
Once after the 24th, I will consolidate all the templates and release it out as The People's FlatHeads Series 5.
I am not sure if this idea is going to be successful or not but I have been toying with it for a while and I would love to have a FlatHeads series designed by other people.

To start the ball rolling, I am going to contribute the first FlatHeads of this series, Little Miss Cherry Blossom.
Come on. Get your creative juices flowing or poor Little Miss Cherry Blossom will be the only one in this series...:(

Download FlatHeads Blank Template

Download FlatHeads Series 4
Download FlatHeads Series 3
Download FlatHeads Series 2
Download FlatHeads Series 1
See all my paper creation

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Angry Little Plastic Man

The nerve of some people.
Thanks to an anonymous tip, I found out that there is actually someone who is trying to sell my Angry Birds template on yahoo Hong Kong's auction. See link here.
I tried to report to yahoo HK auction but did not have the required 8 feedbacks to do so.
Their website was also not very user-friendly and I could not find any email contact to report this matter.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Just don't like the idea that people are trying to sell my templates which I have made free for all.


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