Thursday, April 19, 2012

SideShow Cobra Viper

Vipers are the backbone of the Cobra Legions. They are highly motivated, superbly trained and formidably equipped.
All Vipers are issued a combination of assault rifle/grenade launcher; the rifle part of which can function as a short burst assault weapon, a sustained fire cover support weapon, or a long range sniper rifle with an advanced light-intensification night vision telescopic sign with a built-in range-finder.
Multi-layer body armor and wraparound acrylic/composite helmets with built-in RTO gear are standard issue.

I have always likes Sideshow take on the GI Joe line. If I have enough dough, I definitely would have collected this toy line. Unfortunately, this isn't so, hence I have to be selective. I currently have Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow and the Cobra Viper is another iconic character I just could not pass.

The packaging is no different from the other characters from the GI Joe line.
It has the feel of the old 80's GI Joe design.

I have always like the look of the Cobra Viper with its metallic face plate. Seriously how cool is that. I think Sideshow has done well with this line and have capture the essence of the Cobra Viper.
Since the face of the Viper is covered by a face plate, there is nothing to comment about in terms of facial sculpting but overall the sculpting and details of the helmet is well done. The metallic face plate is also well done and shiny.

The Viper comes with a decent amount of accessories and two rifles. Yeah I love more weapons.
I also like the two water bottles which looks very cool.
It also comes with the standard stand & 'stepping' boots which is common for this line.

All pack up!

Geared up!

Sideshow gives us tones of different insignia & tab which you can attached onto the Viper's uniform by Velcro. I am really pleased with this.
For my Viper, I have chosen 4 insigna which I think stay true to the Cobra Viper.

Overall, I love this figure mainly because I love the design of the Cobra Viper.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Don't mess with these birds...RAW!

Teachers are using my Angry Birds templates to teach their students geometry and some have requested to have the templates in black & white so that the students can color in the Angry Birds.

Little Plastic Man is a supporter of education and is proud to present : Angry Birds Raw!

So go and teach the little ones the beauty of shapes...LOL

Download the templates here.


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