Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome to the HQ of Little Plastic Man

I have finally unpacked all my toys and put them into the display cabinet.
I hope everyone enjoys my toy collection!
Welcome to the HQ of Little Plastic Man (update link here)

The "hidden" entrance to my little world

Sneak Preview

My Toy & Entertainment Room

Smaller Display Cabinet


My chill out area!

My Toy Collection


Super Heroes

Pop Culture Icons

Aliens & Predator

Lord of the Rings

Star Wars collection

Transformers and robots collection

My Paper Toys

12 inch collection

Disney & Pixar Collection

Cars in movies

My Tanks Collection

AT AT and Toy Story

Batman and his Batpod!

GI Joe Wall


Night View

My Toy & Entertainment Room in my old house


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

What a wonderfull collection and room. Love the way do did your secret entrance and GI Joe wall. Congrat on having such wonderfull toys dude.

alex teo said...

that's really NICE :) thanks for sharing GREAT display and COOL setup

The Rebel said...

Ahh, brings warmth to my heart seeing that your toys are getting the royal treatment bro! Superb display! I especially love the way u display the Movie masters Batpod...very creative!

Rafys78 said...

Wow. I

Mario! said...

Wow! Very impressive collection and display.

saruman said...


LEon said...

awesome shelving! I now want to build one like yours for my room! :P

Shaun said...

Adrian. You. Rock.

parrow1978 said...

Damn Dude! That is outstanding! Both the collection and the display blew my mind. Congrats

Armand said...

Daaaayyyymmmm son! Love what you did to the room my friend. All you need is a life sized Darth Vader mannequin and you're all set. Nicely done Adrian :)!

desmond said...

Adrian, thanks for sharing your collection and display shelves..Very nicely done and organise :P

cosmicbaby said...

Awsome entrance to your secret batcave!
Nice collection & great display!
Are your toys all kept in one room?
or other there more batcaves to be reveal soon...

thanx for sharing!

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks everyone for their kind comments.
cosmicbaby- Yup I try to put all my toys in one room...otherwise wife not happy...LOL

Juliana said...

Wow, your toy displays and storage are so cool and awesome! Congrates to you on your dream come true! This is such an inspiration for all toy collectors, thanks for sharing the photos! :D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice, neat & organised in this secret chamber of toys. Congrats to your many years of collection.

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Dennis and Juliana

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

that is Totally Awesome!

Ron said...

Super cool collection you've got there, the display case is fantastic as well - is it custom made or store-bought?

Little Plastic Man said...

Custom made...always been a dream to do this.

One Shot said...

Very nice collection! I love how you have a wide variety of everything. (I have a variety as well)

One Shot said...

What a great collection, I love how you have a wide variety of figures.

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks!!It is because I like everything I see...LOL

Arman said...

Hi, love the glass cabinet. May I know how much it cost ? Thinking of doing one for my room.

Little Plastic Man said...

I paid my contractor around2.2K to 2.4K for the displays!

Unknown said...

Hi, may I know where did you buy the plastic clear stairs or risers from?

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi Gary.
I have a few.
I have some made by my contractor. They are made from glass and came with the display. It will be more expensive.
Cheaper version was to but plastic box from Daiso and stack them up like stairs.
Another is to buy from tao bao. Pretty cheap. around 12 + for one set.


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