Saturday, July 21, 2012

Manny Galan's Dookie-Poo

Dookie-Poo is a magical ground burrowing creature known technically as an "ELFCHIDNA." Dookie lives in POOVILLE but in his never-ending quest to become friends with the entire world he can be found anywhere, at any time! Dookie-Poo may have the IQ of topsoil but his big heart, boundless optimism, and innocent outlook on life makes him the most loyal and best friend anyone could ever want.
Recently went toy shopping at CSC and stumbled onto this Dookie-Figure. I thought he was pretty cool and brought him home.
I know what "Dookie" & "Poo" means but he just reminds me of a big chocolate bar!! Yummy!

The back shows the rest of the figures in the collection.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hasbro Luke Skywalker ROTJ Ultimate FX Lightsaber

Finally gave in to temptation and got my hands on the Hasbro Luke Skywalker ROTJ Ultimate FX Lightsaber.
Aesthetically not as nice as the Force FX lightsabers but at its price point you get a pretty good lightsaber.
It is also very sturdy and does not damage easily hence your heart will not break if you drop this as compared to the Force FX ones.
The LEDs used in the blade are very bright and give out a realistic glow just like a real lightsaber.

Overall, a great piece and I am very tempted to get the Vader's lightsaber too!

UPDATE! - 21 July 2012

I have gotten Vader's lightsaber!
Taka (Singapore) is having a sale on them and is selling for $49.90 from $69.90. Great deal!

Notice the extra space under the lightsaber which is for the Vader's lightsaber I am considering buying...LOL

UPDATE! - 21 July 2012
My 2 lightsabers! The Epic battle between Darth and Luke in ROTJ!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frank Kozik Happy Labbit Mini Series

Labbit is created by pop artist Frank Kozik of the San Francisco area for the pop merchandise company Kid Robot.
I recently got my hands on some Labbits from the The Happy Labbit Mini Series where there are 18 new designs with Labbit drinking from straw cups, blowing bubbles and eating hotdogs in two bites.
They come in blind boxes but most toy shops have them opened so you can choose your design.

Some of the other cool designs

I chose Labbit drinking from a straw cup, eating ice cream and growing a mustache.
The designs are super cool and the colorsvibrant!

I think I might just get more of them!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


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