Saturday, November 26, 2011

Joe Ledbetter Chinese Zodiac

Joe Ledbetter is an American artist and art toy designer from Los Angeles. (also known as JLed) Influenced by classic animation, graphic design, and daily life, he often combines cute and cuddly creatures with unfortunate — albeit humorous — situations.

I love his style of design, especially with the use of bold colors and black outline.
He recently released the Chinese Zodiac Series featuring animals based on the Chinese Almanac redesigned with his unique style.
Of course, I had to get the animals related to my family's birth dates.
Dragon for me, Horse for my wife and Ox for my son.
Just love toys that have a direct relation to myself.

The packaging is generic but have a window so you know what you are getting.
A simple design with the back showing all the animals in the series and the year of birth related to them.
So you would know which animal is for you!
A point to note, the painting is slightly sloppy so do look closely while choosing your piece.

Overall, a fun and cool series.

Play Imaginative (Singapore) at Scape is now selling the series.
You can read the story of how the animals were chosen for the Chinese zodiac here.

The Ox

The Horse

The Dragon

The rest of the Zodiac animals!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Cast of Saving Private Ryan...well almost

Most of us 12" collectors dream about getting the whole team led by Captain Miller in the movie "Saving Private Ryan".
DiD & Soldier Story have done some of the characters, namely Captain Miller and Private Daniel. Now, Dragon has joined the bandwagon and given us not 1 or 2 but 5 characters from the movie.
Yes we all know these figures are not supposed to represent those characters but everyone knows that the inspiration for these figures came from the movie. It also makes the cost lower hence a cheaper figure.

Based on the picture, DiD offering is still the best in terms of sculpting and accessories.
However Private First Class Cappy (Vin Diesel as Private First Class Adrian Caparzo) looks mighty tempting!
Now please someone give me Medic Wade!! (My obsession with medics because I was a platoon medic when I was serving my national service...I also kitbashed Medic Roe from Band of Brothers)

You can read my review of DiD Captain Miller and Private Daniel.
Now on pre-order at Falcon Hanger.

Vin Diesel as Private First Class Adrian Caparzo, a rifleman

Barry Pepper as Private Daniel Jackson, a marksman

Tom Sizemore as Technical Sergeant Mike Horvath

Edward Burns as Private First Class Richard Reiben,
an automatic rifleman (BAR gunner)

Matt Damon as Private First Class James Francis Ryan, a paratrooper

Monday, November 21, 2011

Little Plastic Man Presents: Emotional Jack's Accessories

One of Emotional Jack's favourite hobby is cosplay.
His dream is to be an international cosplay superstar but for now he is happy to showcase his costumes!

Now for download are Emotional Jack's accessories!
There are 4 accessories.
1) Stormtrooper helmet
2) Gundam helmet
3) Angry Bird helmet
4) Brown Paper Bag

Download Emotional Jack & his accessories here
See all my paper creation

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Plastic Man Presents: Emotional Jack

Emotional Jack is a boy whose emotion changes like the weather!
It is a paper craft which enables you to change the facial expression of Jack.
How does Jack feel today? It is all up to you!
I will continue to do more facial expression and post it for watch for it!

There is even a Zombie version of Emotional Jack which took part in TOYSREVIL's First Annual Zombie Pageant.
He was even picked by the judges for "MR CONGENIALITY (PLEASE DO NOT EAT ME)" award by having the 2nd most judges' votes!

Download Emotional Jack here
See all my paper creation

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kidrobot & Travis Cain Best Friends Forever (BFF) series 2

"I can't live with or without you..."
The song "With or Without you" by Irish rock band U2 basically sums up the whole idea and concept of this series.
I just love designer toys with a witty and cool concept.
In the series are everyday items that go well together but in the process one of the items is actually getting hurt!
Sometimes what you love most can be your downfall...Love Sucks!

I got a couple from series 2.
Each item comes in a sealed packet so you do not know what you are getting.
However most shops that sell this open them up so you can actually choose the figures you like.
In each box there will be a card which will have the picture of the BFF you got plus a quote behind. The quotes are pretty funny.

Overall, a witty designer toy series.
I am on the lookout for more BFF (Bloody F*@king Funny!!)

chester & phillipe
Love quote: isn't love grate?
There is an interlocking action which allows the 2 figures to be combined.

big t & little c & barry
Love quote: you're the sweetest tooth!

maxwell & earl
Love quote: you can't erase true love!

freedy & gaston
Love quote: time for a love omelet!


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