Friday, December 27, 2013

NECA 18" Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger

Pacific Rim is a 2013 American science fiction monster film set in the 2020s, when Earth is at war with the Kaijus, colossal monsters which have emerged from an interdimensional portal on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. To combat this threat, humanity unites to create Jaegers, gigantic humanoid mecha, each controlled by 2 pilots whose minds are joined by a neural bridge.

I love how different countries built their own Jaegers resulting in very distinct designs and characteristics of each Jaeger.
NECA got the licence to do the toy line for the movie.
NECA is the top dog for 6" figures like how Hot Toys is for 12" figures. However, NECA has also carved out a market for 18" figures where they have produced a number of figures like Man of Steel, Iron Man, Batman and the figure in review, Gipsy Danger.
NECA has already done a few 6" Jaegers and Kaijus but when they announced that they will be doing Gipsy Danger in 18", all I could think of was "I need it!". I do wish they could do other Jaegers and Kaijus in that scale but I think it will be a bit far fetched.

The packaging is similar to how NECA does for their 18" figures but I do like the design which presents the movie well.
Gipsy can be seen clearly through the window and even in its packaging you can already sense the awesomeness.
One thing I hate about the packaging are is the twistees.
Not only does it have a lot, the twistees are also very difficult to untangle.
Seriously, the twistees were twisted in such a way like someone actually meant for the figure not to be taken out.
It felt like an evil someone from the packaging department decide to make it such that no one will ever be able to take the figure out of the packaging...Muahahaha.

We also get a cool backdrop along with the figure.
A nice addition.

The sculpting is very well done.
The details in Gipsy are awesome as we can see every screw, bot and piston on her.
NECA went with the semi battle damaged look - not factory mint but neither is it is badly damaged like after a fight with a category 5 Kaiju. We get a few dents and scratches on her.
The paint job is good and the weathering effect on Gipsy is just nice. Not too much and not too little.
The only dissatisfaction I have is that the armor somehow does not look metallic. Hot Toys managed to do so for their Iron Man so I guess it can be done. Well it is just a minor issue.

NECA has improved the articulation of their figures in recent years and the articulation for Gipsy is decent.
You can get decent poses out from her.

We get the 2 blades as accessories. I must say the blades look very nice.
They look really realistic. Like I said before, NECA managed to make the blades look metal but they were not able to translate it to Gipsy.
A point to note, it is pretty difficult to attach the blade fully into Gipsy's wrist so please don't force it. Hold onto the bottom of the blade while you are pushing the blade into the hole. If not, there is a chance you might break or bend the blade.
I managed to break one of the blades but a little super glue did the trick.

Gipsy also comes with light up features.
Similar to the movie, there is one on her chest and one on the forehead.
It really enhances the figure.

Overall a very cool toy.
This figure is perfect at this scale and I really wish NECA would do more Jaegers and Kaijus in this scale.

Gipsy with her blades attached.

Friday, December 20, 2013

King Kong Bandai S.H. Monsterarts

King Kong is a fictional character, a giant movie monster resembling a colossal gorilla, that has appeared in several movies since 1933.
The character has become one of the world's most famous movie icons.
The character was conceived and created by US filmmaker Merian C. Cooper.

Peter Jackson's version of King Kong was the version that I am most familiar with.
The initial toys for the movie were done by Playmates Toys and they were made for mass market consumption hence the sculpting is not something to talk about.
Thankfully, we have gotten better versions by Mezco and Bandai S.H Monsterarts.
Both companies came out with very strong sculpting but Mezco loses out in articulation and accessories.
However Mezco version is much much bigger and dwarfs Bandai's King Kong.

King Kong was a toy that I did not have to have. However, I saw this guy at a toy sale and the price was pretty decent. Also he was at a good size coming in around 6" so he does not take up too much real estate which is becoming scarce as my collection grows.

I like the packaging. It has everything a good packaging should have.
The design is nice.
The color is good.
We have nice pictures on the front and back.
The figure can be seen clearly in the window and most importantly the figure is secured and protected in the plastic tray and can easily be taken out without damaging the box.

The sculpting for King Kong is good especially how they did the details for the fur. We are given 3 interchangeable faces depicting different moods and expression.It adds another level of playability and displayability to the overall figure.

Bandai version has the best articulation and with the extra faces and hands, we can now pose King Kong in very dynamic poses. I am really impressed with the articulation.

We also have a fair amount of accessories.
On top of the interchangeable faces, we also get 4 pairs of hands plus one that is holding Ann Darrow played by Naomi Watts.
If you really want to nit pick, there are not much details on Naomi (given the size)....come on that's really pushing it.

Overall, I like this figure.
Initially, I did not think much of it but after getting it I think it is a good figure. Of course the price helped too.

King Kong being angry

King Kong being playful

King Kong not being amused

Kong with his girl ( i love this pose)


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