Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises Selina Kyle Catwoman

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman was something I would never have thought of for a million years.
There are hits and misses in Hollywood casting. People were baffled when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker but it worked out perfectly but there were also tragic casting like Ryan Reynolds as Green lantern or George Clooney as Batman.
Anne Hathaway I would consider as a hit casting.
In the Dark Knight movie, she was not your traditional Catwoman we were used to, in fact she was never referred to as Catwoman. She never had the cat-like characteristics and there were only a few faint visual hints of her cattiness like the goggles that create hint as cat ears and the fact that she was a "cat burglar".
Overall, Anne played the role well even though it was more of a secondary character.

The packaging is pretty nice.
The design is in line with the feel of the movie.
The packaging is literally like a shoe box.

I think the female face is very difficult to sculpt realistically.
Even Hot Toys which is on top of their game do have difficulty pulling a realistic female sculpt.
I am not saying the sculpt is bad, in fact it is above average but just not as realistic as compared to the male counterpart sculpts.
Hot Toys tend to use rooted hair for their female characters maybe to add more realism to the figure. However this round, the hair seem to be too "puff" up which looks like Catwoman is having one bad hair day!
Not to fear because when you put on the goggles on they will push the hair down making everything look nice and in place.

The outfit fits very nicely to the body and does not restrict articulation.
The attention to details on the suit is first class...(as always)

There is another function for the goggles.
They keep her hair in place.

Catwoman is seriously lacking in accessories.
You just get additional 5 hands, a pistol, the goggles and stand.
Given that she does not carry much in the movie, I seriously doubt Hot Toys will throw in the Batpod as an accessory, but maybe they could have thrown in the maid suit...hee hee.

Even though Catwoman was not the main character in the movie I still like Anne Hathaway's portrayal of the feline character.
Overall, I like the figure because I like Anne...haha.

The figure looks the best when she is all suited up with the goggles!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Toy Legend 1:1 Arc Reactor

I happened to chance upon Toy Legend's 1:1 scale arc reactor when my friend showed me pictures of it.
I thought it looked pretty cool and it would make a great lamp for my study table.
Unfortunately for my friend, his wife did not allow him to buy I was on my own.

The arc reactor comes in a very simple packaging, like a shoe box.
The whole box is cardboard and has some sort of motherboard designs.
Everything is nicely packed and secured.

The arc reactor is made entirely of plastic but painted to make it look like metal.
I wish it could have been die-cast but I guess that would have driven up the price.
It looks pretty decent and I think it is pretty movie accurate but I can't tell for sure.
Overall, it still look slightly like a plastic toy instead of a high end movie replica.

Besides the arch reactor, you get a nice stand and a rechargeable battery and the charger.
The stand looks great but I have the same issues for the stand as I had for the arc reactor. You are able to rotate the stand but I don't think you can pivot the holder. I attempted to move it slightly but it did not budge hence I stopped in case I snap the holder.

What is a arc reactor if it can't light up. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and you can charge it with a usb charger (it comes with it). The battery is not your ordinary off the shop battery so I am not sure if I can get another one if this one fails one day...we shall see.

The battery goes in the back of the arc reactor. A simple turn and the cap comes off. Unfortunately there is no on/off switch so to on and off the light so you just have to tighten and loosen the cap.

The very plus point of this arc reactor is that it looks brilliant when the lights are on. The blue glow looks great and is distributed evenly across the arc reactor. I love the look.

Overall a nice piece to have and I like it as a little lamp for my study table.
In Singapore, the price range is pretty varied but I managed to get it at the lower range (at least I think I had).


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