Monday, March 9, 2015

Hot Toys Falcon - Winter Soldier

When the first pictures of Falcon came out, it did not feature the wings.
It was an easy pass for me as without the wings, Falcon is basically a dude in an army outfit.
I was not going to pay good money for that.
However, Hot Toys later added in the wings and that totally changed my decision.

The design of the packaging is similar to Stealth S.T.R.I.K.E Suit Captain America.
From my past review of the Captain, I found the packaging attractive hence Falcon is no difference.
There are 3 layers of plastic trays where the figure and all the accessories fit nicely and securely.

For the accessories you get 4 pairs of hands, a pair of goggles, 2 sub-machine guns and wrist guard where the guns can attach to.
It also comes with a diamond-shaped dynamic figure stand with Falcon nameplate, the movie logo, and flexible pillar. I have forgotten to take the photo for the stand.

However what I am most excited about is the flight backpack with LEDs light up function and the attachable wings.
The switch for the LEDs are at the top of the flight backpack.
It is very difficult to attach the flight backpack onto the the back of Falcon and at first I thought I had a defect in my figure. However after consulting the forums, I was advised to use more force and the backpack finally click into place.
Attaching the wings looks pretty awesome.
The wings are also articulated and can be articulated at around 60 degrees.

There is no doubting Hot Toys sculpting. It is just how perfect it can be.
This is the detailed likeness of Anthony Mackie as Falcon.
The painting is also first class with the detailed wrinkles and skin texture.
The outfit is also well made and fit the body well.

The ironic thing about this figure is that I bought it for the attachable wings. However I have no space to display it with the wings...LOL.
So yeah...I have another dude in an army outfit on my display shelf.
Anyway, this is a nice figure to have as part of the series from The Winter Soldier.
If you have space to display it with its wings fully extended, it really looks awesome.
However, if you don't...hmmm maybe the price point is not worth it.

Falcon ready for full flight.

Time to fly...


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