Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sideshow Darth Vader Deluxe

Being a Star Wars and toys collector, I found it really strange that I did not have even one Darth Vader 12" figure. Sideshow and Medicom had produced many versions and strangely enough I have passed all of them.
However, with Sideshow's latest Darth offering, I finally gave in to this deluxe version.
I do not have the other version of Vader to compare to, hence I will just comment on this version on its own.

I like the packaging.
The figure is packaged in a box, just like how designer bags are packaged.
Now I know why my wife gets so excited when she open up her designer bag boxes.
The design on the front of the box is simple, showing the outline of Vader's head upon a black background.
The back of the box shows the picture of the figure.
In accordance with the character of the figure, the packaging is dark with black as the primary color.

When opening the box, you get a sleeve that shows the picture of an unmasked Vader.
There are two layers. The first layer houses the figure and the additional head.
The second layer is where you can find the base and the extra hands.

Sideshow has been producing countless Star Wars characters in 12" scale and they have done their best work on sculpting the different helmets worn by troopers, Boba Fett and of course Vader.
I guess is is easier as compared to sculpting human faces that requires other factors like the texture of the skin, the natural flow of the hair and the realism of the eyes.
That being said, the expectation to be perfect or near perfect for Vader's sculpt is even higher and I must say Sideshow have done a good job.

Like all Sideshow figures, I hate the body.
I found it difficult to make Vader stand on its own (even for simple poses)
He just keeps falling over.

For the deluxe version, we get an extra head sculpt.
The unmasked Vader.
As said before, the sculpting gets so much more complex when you are doing a human face.
This is where Sideshow falters slightly.
Even though the details and texture are good and enhanced by a good paint job, I still feel the the sculpting is off and could be improved.
For human faces, Sideshow is still not as good as Hot Toys or Enterbay.

As a deluxe version (of course you pay more), you get lots of accessories.
On top of the extra head, you get your standard extra hands so you can do different poses.
You also get an "On" lightsaber and an "Off" lightsaber which you can hook onto his belt.

I love the base.
It looks bad-ass and with the light up feature it looks really cool.

Another cool accessory is the mediation chamber stand for Vader's helmet and mask.
Oh yes you also get an extra Vader's helmet and mask just to display with the mediation chamber stand.
Basically you get an extra item to display.
On top of it, the stand has light up features too!

I have a love hate relationship with light up features.
I love it as it enhances the figure but I hate it because I would have to take the batteries out to prevent them from leaking in the long run rendering the light up feature useless...sigh, the dilemma.
Both stands have light up features.
The buttons on Vader's chest plate and belt also light up.
The batteries are stored at the back of Vader's belt.

Despite some flaws, overall this is a good Darth Vader figure to have if you never owned one.
The many accessories are a plus point.

I do find the unmasked head a little small for the body.


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