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M.A.S.K...More laughter is the ultimate weapon!

In my earlier post, I had some fun with the M.A.S.K packaging art.

I am back with more fun and laughter with it!

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Thunder Hawk





Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2014 Part 2 - Other 12" Figures

Continuing from my STGCC 2014 part 1 post of Hot Toys figures, we now move onto other 12" figure companies.
Hot Toys may be the star in the 12" figures market but there are other companies that are slowly catching up.
This is good as the overall standard for 12" figures will improve. We just hope the cost will also drop.

Enterbay has the ability to produce good sculpts but is let down by limited licences.

Their 1/4 scale Robocop.
Too big a scale for me.

I missed out on their 12" scale Mr Bean and their 1/4 scale Mr Bean looks like a great improvement.
Unfortunately it is in a niche scale market and just too big and costly for me.
But the head sculpt looks fantastic.

Their Jean-Claude Van Damme offering.

Figures from the movie "As the Light Goes Out".
I must say the fireman's uniform looks great!

Enterbay's has gone into the space of producing sports figures and have produced famous NBA players.
It is a good move as NBA is big in Asia and no 12" figures company has gone into this space.
So a good move to create a market for oneself.

ZC World is another company producing decent 12" figures.
Like Enterbay, they have gone into producing 12" figures but focusing on soccer players which are huge in Asia.
They have produced players from 2 big clubs, Manchester Utd and Barcelona.
I am a huge soccer fan and a toy collector so there is definitely a market for such toys.
Being a Liverpool fan, I am just hoping they will start producing players from Liverpool.

I figure Kagawa was a good choice to make since he is Asian and the company is targeting the Asian market. Unfortunately, he has gone back to his former club, Borussia Dortmund.

Players from Barcelona.
World best player - Messi

This will be my ticket to get a 12" Mr Bean.
It looks great!
Thank you ZC World.

Their other figures.

The Falcon Hanger, a toy shop which many toy collectors get their poison from, did more than just selling. They also displayed up and coming figures.
We are given the chance to catch a glimpse of the figures we have pre-ordered.
It also gives the smaller companies an event to showcase their figures.

Pangaea's 12" Greek General is something I am so looking forward to get.
I am happy that I finally get to see it at STGCC!

The other figure I am also looking forward to get.
Maximus from Gladiator!

This is by far the best Aragon attempt by ACI.
Together with Asmus, we now have long awaited 12" figures from the LOTR.
Hmmmm....if they start to produce the soldiers from Gondor, Rohan and the Elves, I will be packing up my 6" figures from Toy Biz to make way for the new 12" figures!

Asmus's LOTR figures.

ACI is big on the ancient period soldiers

DID's figures from "Fringe".
Not a fan...

I have always liked China history and I am sure there are collectors out there dying to get these figures.

DID's Saving Private Ryan.
We finally get Ryan.
This is the special version. Ryan being more dirty!

DAMToys interpretation of the Navy Seal Recon team in the movie Tears of the Sun.
Cool set to have.
I actually like the Art-figures version of Lt A.K.Walters (Bruce Willis) better but they never produced the whole team like what DAMToys did.

Art-figures version of the characters from the movie Black Hawk Down.
I am sure you guys can match the photos to the characters.

Military Figures

Storm Collectables Dennis Rodman.
Not only Enterbay can do basketball player figures!

Other figures from the movies.

You can read part 1 - STGCC 2014 part 1 - Hot Toys


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