Sunday, March 28, 2010

World's Smallest Transformers

What is cooler than G1 Transformers?
G1 Transformers scaled down to 2 and a half inch or less!
This is exactly what Takara Tomy did. They shrank the transformers and packed them in blind boxes so you don't know what you will get.
Something pretty popular in Japan but in Singapore they are being sold opened.
Sadly, Takara stopped this line but thankfully Justitoys (and a few others) has continued to pick this up with the release of the Dinobots, Blaster and Shockwave.

These transformers are your G1 transformers but at a much smaller scale.
Even at such a small scale, they still retain almost all details of their much bigger counterparts!
With so little plastic to play with, I must say that the paint application is very good. Very little slope, if at all.

The amazing thing about these transformers is that they are able to transform! Plus the transformation process is very similar to their G1 counterpart. This is the main reason why I collect them.
Unfortunately at this scale, people with fat fingers like me will have some trouble transforming them. Also due to the small size, you have to be more gentle so as not to break anything.

Overall, very cool toys to have and they will surely be a taking point when displayed with their G1 counterpart.

Takara Optimus Prime (Robot Mode)

Optimus Prime (Truck Mode)

Justitoys Shockwave (Robot Mode)

Justitoys Shockwave (Gun Mode)

It comes with a hand which can be attached to Encore Bruticus

Takara Soundwave & Ravage (Robot Mode)

A little Ravage (Robot Mode)

Takara Soundwave & Ravage (Player & Cassette Mode)

Justitoys Blaster & Steel Jaw (Robot Mode)

A tiny Steel Jaw

Justitoys Blaster & Steel Jaw (Player & Cassette Mode)

Takara BumbleBee (Robot Mode)

Takara BumbleBee (Car Mode)

Takara Jazz (Robot Mode)

Takara Jazz (Car Mode)

Takara Streak/Silverstreak/Bluestreak (Robot Mode)

Takara Streak/Silverstreak/Bluestreak (Car Mode)

Takara Prowl (Robot Mode)

Takara Prowl (Car Mode)

Takara Red Alert (Robot Mode)

Takara Red Alert (Car Mode)

Takara Starscream (Robot Mode)

Takara Starscream (Fighter Plane Mode)

Takara Thrust (Robot Mode)

Takara Thrust (Fighter Plane Mode)

Takara Megatron (Robot Mode)
I am unable to show photos of Megatron in his gun mode simply because I can't remember how to transform him!

Next to a 3.75" trooper.


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