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Toybiz Lord of the Rings Elves of the Second Age & Elves of Lothlorien

Thanks to Marc for rekindling my interest in Toybiz's Lord of the Rings figures. He is currently in the midst of building a 1/12 scale Helm's Deep which, when done, should be able to hold about 200 men in the keep alone!! I can't wait for him to finish.
Hence I am back to reviewing Toybiz's Lord of the Rings figures. This time is the Elves.

Gil-galad (Second Age)
Gil-galad was the last High King of the Noldor in Middle-earth. Gil-galad was seen in the prologue at the starting of the Fellowship of the Rings. Together with Elendil, they led the last alliance of Elves and Men in the epic battle against Sauron and his evil dominions.

Gil-galad is sculpted in battle cry mode. His mouth is open as if shouting out orders to his Elvish army and his hair is done in such a way as if it is blowing in the wind. The pose is pretty dramatic and I am happy they sculpted him this way.
In my past reviews of other Toybiz's Lord of the Rings figures, I have always loved the attention to detail and sculpting of the armor. Toybiz once again did a fantastic job on the armor and given that it is Elvish's armor design, the figure came up looking excellent.
As this is a mass market figure, it has an action feature. Press the button at the back of the figure and the arm will move up and down. Thank goodness it does not really affect the overall look of the figure and the button is at its back, so I can live with that, given the overall excellent sculpt.
Gil-galad comes with his shield and spear (Aiglos). Both are very nice accessories and I love the details and paint ops of the shield.

Love the attention to detail

Prologue Elven Warrior (Second Age)
The Prologue Elven Warrior is one of my favourite Lord of the Rings figures ever. It has excellent sculpting, great detailing, clean and good paint ops plus tons of great accessories! No wonder this figure was pretty hard to find.

The details on the armour are pretty amazing especially for a mass market figure. The Elven warrior comes with his bow & arrows, shield, sword and spear. That amount of accessories alone makes this figure a must-have for all Lord of the Rings fan.

Again there is an action feature which hinders articulation and aesthetics but the overall excellent sculpt more than compensate for it.

Elrond (Second Age)
Elrond was a half-elf, whose ancestry included both mortal men and immortal Elves.
He first appeared in the prologue at the starting of the Fellowship of the Rings and this figure shows him in his full armor when he was second-in-charge of the Elves at the Last Alliance, leading from the front.
Elrond was portrayed by Hugo Weaving in the movie Trilogy.

The sculpting is pretty decent and if you look hard enough you can make out Hugo's likeness. Again great work on the armour and the detailing is excellent.
One thing I don't fancy about this figure is his body shape. He looks super hunchback with his head too far in front.
He comes with his sword, Hadhafang. A pity about his limited accessory but it is in line with the character in the movie.

Haldir, Elf of Lothlorien (Third Age)
In the movie The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, Haldir rallied 200 of the Elves of Lothlorien and together with them marched to Helm's Deep to aid the men of Rohan against the Uruk-Hai army. Unfortunately, majority of them (including Haldir) would not be able to enjoy the eternal bliss in the Undying Lands.
Haldir was portrayed by Craig Parker in the Trilogy.

Haldir's head sculpt is average and I don't see the likeness of Craig Parker in it. I am also not over the moon with the armor design. This of course is not the fault of Toybiz as they were merely following the design from the movie. The armor is worn during the time when the time of the Elves in Middle Earth was coming to an end, hence we see more coppers, browns and rich golds (colours that represent Autumn) as compared to the greens and yellow-golds of spring found in the armor worn in the second age. I also feel that the helmet is a tad too big for Haldir's head and the color used a bit too dull.

Haldir does not come in indiviual packaging but in the Helm's Deep box set.

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