Friday, June 24, 2011

The People's FlatHeads

Calling just about anyone who would like to contribute to FlatHeads Series 5.
Entitled The People's Flatheads, I am inviting the People (that's you) to use my FlatHeads blank template (version 1 or 2) and design whatever you want!

From now till 24th of Jul 2011, please send over your template, the name you want to be known as and the picture of your newly designed FlatHeads to this email,
Once after the 24th, I will consolidate all the templates and release it out as The People's FlatHeads Series 5.
I am not sure if this idea is going to be successful or not but I have been toying with it for a while and I would love to have a FlatHeads series designed by other people.

To start the ball rolling, I am going to contribute the first FlatHeads of this series, Little Miss Cherry Blossom.
Come on. Get your creative juices flowing or poor Little Miss Cherry Blossom will be the only one in this series...:(

Download FlatHeads Blank Template

Download FlatHeads Series 4
Download FlatHeads Series 3
Download FlatHeads Series 2
Download FlatHeads Series 1
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chrismandesign said...

uhmmm this sounds interesting, myb i could try & see what would happens... =O the picture u r asking is of the assembled Flathead or the 2D illustration ???... i dunno if i i will do something like this in my blog, who knows ????

Little Plastic Man said...

Actually both types of pictures are ok with me...:)Looking forward to your design.

brownie1974 said...

great creation jobs on the angry birds my son and i have made them and he loves em any chance you sould e-mail the ironman and the storm trooper to me please

brownie1974 said...

great job on the flatheads my son and i have done the angry birds he is a huge fan of it anychance you could e-mail the iron man and the storm trooper to us please

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks brownie and son.
Oh my...the stormtrooper and ironman were my really first few paper toys.
No proper template. Let me try to clean them up.
Thanks for the support!


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