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Tomy Inside Out

Inside Out is a movie set in the mind of a young girl, Riley Andersen (Kaitlyn Dias), where five personified emotions—Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), and Disgust (Mindy Kaling)—try to lead her through life as she moves with her parents (Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan) to a new city. Inside Out is produced by Pixar Animation Studios.

Anything Pixar produces usually turns to gold and I am a big fan of the studio's movies. I have not seen the movie but I am super looking foward to it.
Because their movies are usually catered for kids, the toys are generally produced for the mass market.
You don't get high end toy companies making figures from their movies, however I still pick up the toys whenever I can.

Tomy has produced the figures for the movie and I have picked up the 5" line consisting of Anger, Joy, Fear, Sadness and Disgust.

I really like the packaging. It has very little wastage and shows the figure very well.
The design is really eye catching that makes you want to buy them.

Pixar's movie toys are usually mass market toys and there are hits and misses. Usually I don't expect too much.
The quality of the toys are dependant on the company tasked to produce them. Thinkway is a good example of a company that does fantastic figures for Pixar movies. However their pricing is also pretty steep.
For the Tomy Inside Out figures, I must say the sculpting is pretty decent for the price point.
I guess it is easier to capture the likeness of an animated character as compared to a real life actor but I think Tomy has done a good job for these figures.
The likeness is there and the chosen expressions are relevant. I especially like the expression for Sadness. Even the paint ops which usually is bad for mass market toys is decent.

There is some "action" feature where the heads of the figures will light up if they are brought close to the consoles which are sold separately....hmmm marketing gimmick to get you to buy more.

The figures comes with a memory ball and if I am not wrong the picture in the ball (memory) can be projected if you have the console.

Articulation is pretty limited for these figures. We can move just the head, arms and for some figures, the leg. My major gripe is that Joy and Disgust are almost impossible to stand on their own given their tiny tiny legs in proportion to their heads. I just wish Tomy gave us some stand or something to get them to stand on their own....Really frustrating.

Memory Balls

The memory in the ball

Overall, nice figures to represent the movie. The price point is also a plus. Just need to figure out how to get Joy and Disgust to stand on their own.






The whole gang

See if you can guess what Spidey is feeling?

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I'm not done packing what I need!

It must really be a hassle for Batman when he prepares to go out for a mission given he has so many items in his bat armory!

I bet among all his super friends he takes the longest to get ready!


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