Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paper Toys Iron Man and Hulk

Stumbled upon some websites which feature figures & items created out of paper. They were extremely creative and gorgeous! I was so inspired by it that I decided to try it out.
I decided to make Iron Man and Hulk as their movies are currently showing.
Well it's not that great as compared to what I have seen on the websites but at least I had fun making them..:P
I am currently in the process of making Domo. Other characters that I am considering doing are Batman, Superman & Hellboy. Well lets see how long this interest will last!


Tony Stark

Iron Man



Hopefully there will be more!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thinkway Wall-E & Eve

I love Pixar's movies. To me, Pixar has hit home runs for all their movies.
The movie has not been release here yet, but based on the reviews I have seen on the Internet, I think Pixar has hit another home run.

I will usually pick up Pixar movie's toys (except for Ratatouille as I can't find them) no matter how crappy they are! (can't really complain as they are targeted for the mass market)
The only exception is the Cars movie's toys. However with Thinkway Wall-E line, I think I can increase the exception to 2.

I usually don't comment much on the packaging but I kinda like this one. It's attractive and shows the figures well.

Based on the pictures I am seeing on the Internet, Wall-E’s sculpting is excellent with details like the rubber tracks and hose behind his head. His paint ops is clean and he has the dirty and rusty look which I like. The only problem is that the paint on his head is rather flat hence making it more plastic than metal.
I like Eve's sculpt even though it's simple and clean (maybe that why I like it!). As Eve is primarily white, there is not much to say about the paint ops. Her white is the glossy kind and is matches well with her blue eyes.

Wall-E comes with 2 hunks of garbage and it can be fitted into his body.
Eve comes with a boot with a plant growing out of it, light bulb, transparent base, a rock with a section that fly off with a press of a button , and her blaster right arm. In the trailer, when Wall-E tries to get the attention of Eve, she uses her blaster right arm to blast a huge hole in a rock. I guess that answers the accessory for the rock with a section that fly off with a press of a button!

The best thing I like about these figures are the action features. Yes you heard it right, "the action features."
Wall-E's front and back can be opened. Well not too exciting I guess.
Eve on the other hand has 2 action features. You are able to pop open her chest by pressing a button behind. Inside you are able to store the accessories (boot and light bulb) which come along with her. The second feature is that Eve has 6 different eye expressions when you press down her head. It's so so cool (see picture below)

These figures will fit in nicely with the rest of the 6" figures. There is another Wall-E line running at a smaller scale. Around 3 to 4". These will fit in nicely with the smaller Star Wars figures but I still prefer the larger scale figures.

Overall, the figures are good especially for a mass market toy line. Well done Thinkway!!

Nice packaging


It can be quite depressing to be a rubbish compactor


The 6 different eye expressions

Love at first sight!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Sideshow Toy Platoon

My favourite Vietnam war movie ever.
It was written and directed by Oliver Stone.
The movie centres around Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) who is a young American who has abandoned college for combat duty in Vietnam.
He soon realizes he is fighting two battles, the conflict with the enemy and the conflict between the men within his platoon.

The platoon has two sergeants, Staff Sergeant Robert Barnes (Tom Berenger) and Sergeant Elias Grodin (Willem Dafoe). The attitude towards the war of the two sergeants are vastly different, Staff Sergeant Barnes will stop at nothing to get the job done while Sergeant Elias is more caring and righteous. This causes the divide in the platoon.

Sideshow has done the 12" figures based on this movie. I managed to get my hands on Taylor and Elias but was disappointed that I could not get Barnes (from the photos Barnes has the best head sculpt)

The sculpt for Taylor and Elias is not perfect and you can certainly find some fault with it. However anyone who watched the movie will certainly be able to recognize them.

What's great about these figures are the accessories that come with them. There are certain items that are shared between the figures like the canteens, solid plastic pouches, hand grenades, belt and rigging. However each figure also has items that are unique to them as seen in the movie. Taylor has his cloth bag which contains his claymore equipments (in his first patrol and final battle scene he was the one that set off the claymore). Taylor also has his helmet with the inscription "when I die, bury me upside down so the world can kiss my ass" - freaking cool!
Elias has his large brass wrist band, knife and sheath, flashlight, and canister grenade. He does not come with a helmet as in the movie he is seldom seen wearing one. Both Taylor and Elias's main rifle is different. Elias has a CAR-15: carbine- M-16 rifle with a telescopic butt and short barrel. Taylor has a M-16: the standard U.S. military rifle used in Vietnam from 1966 on. I did not realised they held different rifles in the movie.

I think I got my figures for about S$70 plus shipping. This is considered rather cheap especially for movie related 12" figures. Love the movie, love the figures! Sideshow also did the other characters from the movie like Pte King and Cpl O'Neill. They are in hot demand and will not come cheap. Maybe one day I will get them......hopefully.

Private Taylor

The cool inscription on Taylor's helmet

Sergeant Elias

A fatter Willem Dafoe?

Elias's large brass wrist band

Don't you just hate those days!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

NECA Harry Potter Movie Figures

I am glad that NECA picked up the Harry Potter line as I did not want to get the mass market version due to bad sculpt.

I got my hands on the following:
Harry Potter Series 1
Lord Voldemort, Death Eater (scary skull version) & Dementor
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Series 1
Hermione, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter & Sirius Black
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Series 2
Dumbledore & Snape

As usual, I think NECA did good work on this line but with minor issues.
Harry Potter Series 1
I love the sculpt of all 3 figures. Not much complain here except for limited articulation so you will only get one good pose out of these figures. My favourite is Lord Voldemort but I think his pose is a bit too dramatic...(you will see later..scroll down to the last picture)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Series 1
Sculpting for this series continue to be good but I think the paint ops got sloppy. The worst was Ron with inconsistent skin tone and paint slop around his face.
Yeah! Good thing about this line is that they did Hermione and they did her well.
Harry, Ron & Hermione each comes with some pieces to build a practice dummy for their training. Ron has the body, Harry has the head and arms, and Hermione has the base.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Series 2
I think the paint ops got a little better in this series. Snape coat is removable but without it he looks like a music teacher.....(In the movie, Snape usually have the coat on)

All figures come with their wand (except the Dementor of course) and base.
Most of the figures are in their wand fighting stance.
The only bad thing about this whole Harry Potter line is that there are too many version of Harry Potter! Enough already! The worst is that these figures are usually sold in sets so if you want the other figures you are going to get a number of Harry Potter!

I would love to get my hands on Bellatrix & Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Series 3 and Hagrid (9") but I don't think the shops are going to bring them in as the interest in Harry Potter has died down.

Lord Voldemort



Sirius Black

Good Gary Oldman's likeness


Now sing along children...

Death Eater

The children - Harry, Hermione & Ron

Lord Voldemort going commando


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