Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mattel Movie Master Batman & Joker

Made the decision to open up my Movie Master Batman & Joker from the movie "Dark Knight".
I was reluctant to open at first as it was very difficult to get my hands on these figures especially the Joker. However it would be such a waste not to display these figures.

This Movie Master line is intended squarely at collectors. The line consists of Batman, Batman without mask (chase), Joker and one of Joker's thug and is sculpted by the famous Four Horseman.
At the same time, there is also the 5" figures (same as Batman Begins) solely for the mass market. Yes you get Batman in many colours and over sized rocket launchers and backpack. Thank goodness Mattel decided to do a movie accurate line.
Ah yes! Anything good usually comes with a price. This line retails at S$39.90. (too expensive for 6" figures)

The articulation and details on these figures are very good. You would not believe it came from Mattel.

However there were some issues on these figures. I think the neck for Batman is just a little too thin. Its hard to see on photos but it gets to me. On the other hand, the Joker's neck is a bit too thick and it extends too out. I think they were trying to give him a hunch look.

The head sculpt on both figures are not perfect but I think its good enough.

Ok..the accessories got me confused. Batman comes with a bat mask and evidence bag (simply a small Ziploc bag) while Joker comes with a life sized playing card prop replica and evidence bag. Erh..why do I need a bat mask which is too big for the figures, or a Ziploc bag acting as a evidence bag?? Wasn't this supposed to be targeted at adult collectors? A batarrang or machine gun for Joker would have made more sense.

Overall a bit too expensive but if you want movie accurate 6" figures, these are for you.

Dark Knight & Joker

Neck extended too much and a little too thick

The confusing accessories

Played with the lighting to get the feel of the movie

Why so serious

Yes! It's 6" scale!

(same fate as spidy)

NECA Alien & AVP Requiem Alien Warrior & Hybrid Alien

Aliens galore!

Today I will be looking at NECA Alien from the first movie & AVP Requiem Alien Warrior & Hybrid Alien.

Never gotten my hands on the Mcfarlane's version so can't really compare. However I really like the NECA's version very much.

The sculpt is really good and detailed. I especially like the head sculpt most. It even comes with the extendable Alien tongue thingy! NECA is producing some fantastic sculpt at this scale.
Even though NECA describes it as a 7" scale action figure, it's actually stands at 9". NECA has also done it at 18" scale.
It has 20 points articulation but I could not find many poses for it.
The figure does not come with any base or accessories (a few face huggers would have been nice). Mine tend to fall over when displayed. It got so frustrating that I used one of the NECA's Harry Potter base for it! Hopefully it will stay still!

Next is the AVP Requiem Alien Warrior & Hybrid Alien.

Hated the movie. Never finished watching the DVD to be honest!

Like the Alien figure, the sculpt is excellent. Again I love the head sculpts best. For these 2 figures, it comes with a base (can be broken into 3 pieces) and no accessories. Again, I found little poses for it.


One bad ass Alien!

Beautiful Head Sculpt

Ready for the kill!

Hybrid Alien

Again..beautiful head sculpt!

Alien Warrior

One tall Alien!

The best of all Aliens - The original Alien from the first movie

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Band of Brothers....the Star Wars version

I just love my rebel pilots and troopers!

Even though they were clones, they still had feelings.

Keroro MK II

Not too sure about this character but my nice colleagues bought me this set for Christmas.
There is some assembly needed (nothing too hard) and when you are done with all 5 of them, they can combined into 1 big robot. Super cool!

It was enjoyable assembling it and I think it looks very nice and cute.

Got some info of Keroro off the web.

Keroro is a fictional manga and anime character and the main protagonist of Mine Yoshizaki's Sgt. Frog series.
Keroro is a sergeant of Planet Keron's Army, and the commander of the Keroro Platoon.
Despite his role as leader, Keroro can be lazy and cowardly at times. He can be extremely selfish, sometimes sacrificing his friends wellbeing for his own safety. Keroro constantly schemes plans to siphon money from the people of earth to either fuel his invasion schemes, or to buy more Gundam models.

Because of his everyday life as the house cleaner in the Hinata household, Keroro is an exceptional cleaner and curler.
Though Keroro often displays no combat prowess whatsoever, he was responsible for the scar across Giroro's eye. If Keroro is exposed to an environment with high humidity, he will slip into a state of mind where he is his former self from "Back Then". During which, he will actually act as a more competent captain, issuing Natsumi's restrain and going forth with the invasion of earth. The only things that can free him from this mania is either Fuyuki's rage, or an attack by a Nyororo.

According to the anime, Keroro's biggest fear is his own father. Furthermore, Keroro slips on any banana peel laid out in front of him. Whenever Fuyuki says the word 'friend', Keroro becomes consumed with feelings of guilt. In addition, he dislikes capsicums. Keroro is also a drooling otaku for all things Gunpla, which is by far his biggest weakness.

Interesting character.

The 5 characters...........


Very cute and well designed


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