Thursday, July 30, 2009

Toynami Cinemaquette of Superman

Toynami's newest Cinemaquette which was recently showcased in the San Diego Comic-Con is really very nice. If I am not wrong it stands around 22 inch and cost between USD1,000 to USD2,000.
This is something I can only admire in pictures!

Pictures courtesy of mwctoys

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mattel Movie Master Batman from Batman Begins

Thanks to Juliana for the heads up that Taka is having their Crazy Toy Sale where you can get some older toys at great discounts! It was damn crowded and most of the toys did not tickle my fancy, however I still got myself a Mattel Movie Master Batman from Batman Begins. (well...since I was already there)

I have always said that Mattel's Movie Master was a Godsend to 6" collectors who want a decent movie Batman figure. Before this purchase I had gotten myself Batman (Dark Knight), Joker and the Batpod. And even paid premium prices for them! I kinda cool off when Mattel released the second series as I felt it was way too expensive (in Singapore at least) for 6" figures.
Since this figure was on discount, I decided to pick it up so I could have Batman in both his suits from the 2 movies.

After removing this figure from its packaging, I am glad that I did not purchase him when his price was at its highest. The suit to me is totally off. In the movie, the suit is supposed to be thicker and rubbery but the figure is way too lean. If I was paying premium price for it, I expect it to be movie accurate.
Majority of the figure is black so there is not much issue with the paint ops. However, it would have been nice if there were some shading at the mouth area to make it more realistic.
Articulation is good and you can get some decent poses out of him.

I have never agreed with the accessories from the Movie Master Batman series. I still do not understand why I would need oversized accessories that do not fit the figures! Wasn't this supposed to be targeted at adult collectors? This time Batman from Batman Begins gets an oversized batarang. Confusing I must say!

Overall, not worth if you paid a premium price for it. At more than 50% discount, I think you can consider it.

The all and improved batarang!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Eugene Roe Band of Brothers

Being a platoon medic during my National Service time, I definitely could relate to Eugene "Doc" Roe from the HBO Band of Brothers mini series.

When DID announced that they were releasing the 101st Airborne Combat Medic with Shane Taylor's likeness (the actor who portrayed Eugene Roe), I knew I had to get it.
I remembered Doc Roe best in Ep 6 (Bastogne) but DID's version was far from it! No blame could be attached to DID as the 101st Airborne Combat Medic was never meant to represent Eugene Roe...(they even changed the name to Gilbert Roe).
Regardless, the combat medic by DID had already sparked the inspiration and desire to have a Eugene Roe (Bastogne) figure in my collection. So I started to collect the necessary items to kit- bash my own Doc Roe!
This being my first real attempt to kit-bash a figure, I know there is more room for improvement. However I am just happy I have a Doc Roe (Bastogne) in my collection now.
I will continue to improve on it.

If you want to read the review on DID 101st Airborne Combat Medic, please hop on over to the Rebel Page for a great review!

A very lovely prayer by Eugene Roe in Ep 6 of the BOB
series. The prayer basically covers how he felt during the time
at Bastogne, one of the darkest time for Easy Company 101st Airborne

The likeness to actor Shane Taylor, who played Eugene Roe,
is there but I think the jawline is too wide.

My feeble attempt to create his medical pouch

Paper Toys Han Solo in Carbonite

Introducing Han Solo in Carbonite, my latest paper toy design.
An interesting project but had fun making it.
Maybe a Boba Fett next to compliment this...

You can view my other my paper toys here.


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