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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mattel 12" Ghostbusters

Pictures from the Toy Fair 2010 show that we are going to get from Mattel the full team from the Ghostbusters in full 12" glory!
Even though the head sculpt is not of Hot Toys or Sideshow standard but the amazingly detailed light-up Ghostbusters proton pack is enough for me!
With Stantz & Egon safely in my hands, just need to wait for Winston and Venkman to join the gang!



Friday, February 19, 2010

Konami Alien Trading Figures Vol 2

Continuing my review on Konami Alien Trading Figures. This time I will be looking at Vol 2.
You can read my review on Vol 1 here.

Figures from Vol 2 are from the movies Aliens and Alien Resurrection.
You get the following 8 figures in Vol 2:

Warrior (Aliens)
New Warrior (Alien Resurrection)
Alien Queen (Aliens)
New Born (Alien Resurrection)
Power Loader (Aliens)
A.P.C (Aliens)
Drop Ship (Aliens)
USS Sulaco (Alien Resurrection - Rare)

In this vol, I got the whole set except for the USS Sulaco which was a rare item (one per every 5-6 cases )

Warrior (Aliens)
The warrior alien appeared in Aliens. The aliens in this movie had a "ribbed" cranium unlike the smooth cranium of the other Aliens in the other movies.

Very good detailing on this figure. I also like the paint ops here which is nice and clean. The only thing I am unsure of is the bluish/greenish colour which was being used for this figure.

The pose is decent but over time it tends to droop a little. This is mainly due to the fact that the alien is hunching over.

New Warrior (Alien Resurrection)
A very much improved alien in both physical and mental abilities as compared to the rest of the aliens. They have a high form of communication which is best seen when the three aliens talk to each other in the cage in which they are locked up. They are also able to swim and their agility under water is highly evolved.

Again the details and sculpting are very good for a figure of this size. I really like the clear section used for the top of the head as also seen in the Alien and New Alien in Vol 1.

Not too sure about the paint ops here. Don't get me wrong as the painting is nice and clean but I think the red used on the shoulder and stomach is a tad too bright. Maybe it is just me.

Not liking the pose at all. It gives the figure the "caught in the headlights" feel!

New Born (Alien Resurrection)
This is what happens when the human species mixes with the alien species. Never really liked the design in the first place so this has to be my least favourite figure in this vol.

The details are actually pretty good on this figure as you can see the folds, wrinkles and veins on it. Too bad the original movie design never grew on me.

The painting is pretty good with a good dose of wash which enhances the wrinkles and folds on the creature.

The pose is pretty boring but I guess it is in line with the characterises of the new born.

Where's mummy?!

Alien Queen (Aliens)
The Bitch! The mother of the aliens.
The sole purpose of the Alien Queen is to lay eggs and spawn more aliens.
However if you mess with her eggs & spawn, you are in a whole lot of hurt!

I love the design of the alien queen and i think it turned out well in this figure. The details and sculpting are very well done. I especially love the way the head crest is sculpted!

I have always thought that the alien queen is black in colour but having watched the making of Aliens on DVD, it is actually more of a bluish black colour. I am happy that the figure stayed true to the colour used in the movie.

I love the pose of the figure and together with the power loader, you can mimic the final battle between the queen and Ripley in the movie.

Pity that the scale of the alien queen is not movie accurate as it is the same height as the other aliens in the series.

Power Loader (Aliens)
Enough of the aliens. Now lets talk about the equipments of the humans. I just love the design of the power loader. It looks super cool. For those who have the Hot Toys version of the power loader, I envy you.

Once again, well done on the sculpting of the power loader. The attention to details is pretty good. As for Ripley, they went for the anime look so that was kinda disappointing.

The painting is good and neat. The added weathering also makes it more realistic. A really nice piece.

Unfortunately there was a lack of articulation. It would have been great if we have some sort of articulation on the power loader! Anyway it looks really good when displayed with the alien queen.

The Beauty and the Bitch!

A.P.C (Aliens)
The marines used it to transport the troops to the front line.
The design is pretty cool and it was built upon the chassis of an aircraft tug tractor. Now you know why the design and shape is so familar!

The sculpt and detailing are decent. The A.P.C is mainly dirty green so not much to comment on the painting. I just wished that there were more weathering and wash to make it look more realistic.

The turrent at the front and back can be turned...yeah there is articulation. Too bad the wheels can't.

Drop Ship (Aliens)
I always like the design of the drop ship. When designing the ship, concept artists were asked to incorporate subliminal acknowledgments to the Vietnam War, which included designing the dropship as a combination of a F-4 Phantom II and AH-1 Cobra. Nice!

Pretty good detailing and sculpting. Konami actually incorporated the marines' logo at the side (see picture below) of the ship. Due to the size, the details are not there but it was a nice touch to acknowledge it.

The painting is clean which is pretty evident with the painting of the missiles. Again I wished that there was more weathering and wash to make it look more realistic.


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