Monday, February 15, 2010

Konami Alien Trading Figures Vol 1

Konami Alien Trading Figures are pre-painted models that come in 3 to 4 parts which can easily be snapped together.
These figures stand around 3.75" and are pretty detailed for that size. There is totally no articulation but the poses are good. Each figure comes with a base.

These figures are contained in sealed boxes so you will not know what you are getting...hence the term trading trade your extras!
However, toy shops and collectors are selling them opened so you can easily pick up the figures you want.

There are 2 volumes for Konami's Alien series. Figures from Vol 1 are from the movie Alien and Alien 3, while figures from Vol 2 are from Aliens and Alien Resurrection.
You get the following 8 figures in Vol 1:

Alien (Alien)
Nostromo (Alien)
Narcissus (Alien)
Chest Burster (Alien)
Space Jockey (Alien - Rare)
Face Hugger (Alien)
Dog Alien (Alien 3)
New Alien (Alien 3)

In this vol, I did not manage to get Nostromo, Narcissus & Space Jockey.
But my main objective of collecting these figures was to get the complete set of the different aliens from the 4 movies! So mission accomplished!

Alien (Alien)
The original Alien!
Acid for blood and the inner mouth is in fact the alien's "tongue"! This Alien is 100% bad-ass as even its tongue is dangerous!

The details on the figure is good and I especially like the clear section for the top of the head. I think it looks pretty movie accurate.
Even though the majority of the figure is black, I feel that the painting is clean and neat. The painting on the tongue is especially well done and clean.

The pose (tail under its legs) is pretty much the standard pose for toy companies doing this figure (NECA and Hot Toys). I read somewhere that this is consistent Aliens' "attack posture" in many of the films.

New Alien (Alien 3)
According to the packaging, this figure is termed as New Alien but after watching the DVD, I think Konami meant the figure to be the Matured Dog Alien.
This alien from Alien 3 is different from the rest of the aliens as it tends to move around on all fours. This is because it most probably inherited some of the characterises of its host, a Rottweiler.

Some little trivia here, originally the host for the alien was supposed to be a ox but the producers and director thought that the ox was a cumbersome beast of burden. They wanted the alien to be more agile, fierce and fast hence they decided on a Rottweiler instead.

Again the details and sculpting of the figure are very good. The painting is clean and neat which is evident throughout this series. However I have read that the colour used here is not movie accurate.
I really love the pose here as it shows the creature creeping up on its victim. Send chills down my spine!

Dog Alien (Alien 3)
This figure is actually the dog alien in its "infant" stage. In the movie, this is how it will look like when it just bursts out of the dog's belly. You can actually classify it as a chest-burster.
Later on it will mature into the dog alien.

The sculpting and details here are excellent. I really like this figure a lot.
The painting is also good and adds on to the already excellent sculpt.

Chest Burster (Alien)
The alien begins its life by bursting from the chest of its host. At this stage in its development it has a small cranium and tan-colored skin.
There are actually 3 different types of chest bursters in the 3 different films (Alien, Aliens & Alien 3).
This figure is the chest burster from the first flim. It does not have any arms or legs as compared to the other chest bursters.
I think by now you will know how I feel about this series. Good scultping and a decent wash to bring out the details.
Very nice indeed.

Face Hugger (Alien)
The famous face hugger! The face hugger will attach itself by wrapping a long "tail" around its victim's neck and using long spider-like legs to firmly grip the organism's head while reaching down the host's throat and laying the egg.

The weakest of the series. The sculpt and details are good but I think it was let down by an average paint job.
Also this face hugger was sculpted with fingernails and they even painted them silver! Rather puzzling!

This face hugger looks like around 1:6 scale hence you can use it with the 12" figures.

Look out for my next post on Konami Alien Trading Figures Vol 2


Jcee said...

LOL! The figures look really nice, really good details on them. Btw, have you seen the upcoming Revoltech Alien and Predator? I can't wait to finally have a nicely articulated figure of those two!

Mario! said...

haha! That sequence at the end with the facehugger was a good laugh.

desmond said...

I will think elsewhere as face hugger stay on the private part of the male figure..Haha!!

saruman said...

Jcee: Is it true? I'm gonna get them for sure!

Little Plastic Man said...

Yup Jcee, I have seen the Revoltect Alien but not the Predator.
Saruman - Yup its true. Here are the pics.
Always a pleasure to make you guys laugh!

LEon said...

I only have one of this in my collection. It's seems the face hugger is in scale with 12 inch figure. Love the comic. LOL


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