Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hot Toys The Amazing Spider-Man

I was always cool with Tobey Maguire as Spiderman but after the third Spiderman movie I was relieved that they decided to reboot it. I felt Spiderman needed it.
Andrew Garfield takes over from Tobey to be the new Spiderman while Emma Stone gets the part of Gwen Stacy the first love of Peter.
I was not wowed by the movie but it has potential hence I am looking forward to the 2nd installation.
Andrew does a decent job as Spiderman and I do like the new costume.
Based on the trailers of the 2nd movie, we all the know the design of the costume gets even better.

Hot Toys has always been very sophisticated with their packaging and design but this round they keep it simple.
However the packaging does its job to protect the figure and allows us to take the figure out without damaging it and the packaging.

We get two heads, one is the masked version and the other is Andrew's head sculpt.
Both are excellent!
I love the natural way the costume flows with the body underneath.
It's really very realistic
The body is of smaller scale (roughly same scale as Black Widow) as compared to the other male bodies we get from Hot Toys.
This is in line with the petite nature of Peter Parker.
Even though the articulation is solid, please be careful not to over pose your Spiderman as the arms might break off from the body.
Instructions are given so please read.

When pictures of Andrew's head sculpt were circulated on the Internet,  I was not very impressed.
However when I have it in my hands, it is very good.
I even had the dilemma whether to pose Spiderman masked or unmasked!

Accessories are pretty little for this figure.
You get a handful (no pun intended) of hands, a standard stand and webs.

We get two pairs of webs for different purposes.
One is used as if the web is coming out from Spidey's wrist while the other is used as Spidey is flying across the sky.
Pretty cool which adds dynamism in your display!

Overall I am very satisfied with this figure.
Sculpt and articulation are good and the costume fits the body very well.
The best part is that the price is low as compared to other Hot Toys figures.
So thumbs up!

Spiderman unmasked!


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