Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To-Fu Oyako

After reading the books, "I am Plastic" and "I am Plastic Too" by Paul Budnitz, I became quite fascinated by Designer toys.
Out of the many great designs, I particularly like To-Fu Oyako by Devilrobots.
Devilrobots was established in 1997 by Shinichiro Kitai (Art Director), Kenji Saito (Creative Director) and Seikou Kato; Yoshizo Yoshimura (Creative Director) and Takeshi Ikegami (Designer) joined Devilrobots when it became a limited company in 2000. They are known for creating graphics, toys, illustrations,designing and producing apparel and goods etc.
To-Fu is one of their most popular characters!

I admire the simplicity of the designs and yet it is able to capture one's attention. Simply amazing! I can even count my wife as one of their fans!

4 inch To-Fu Oyako

Poison To-Fu

Magnetic T0-Fu

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hot Toys War Machine

I have passed on all of the Hot Toys offerings from the Iron Man 2 movie. However, I just could not pass on War Machine. I have always liked the character of War Machine mainly because of the cool firepower he carries.

I like this kind of packaging as it is easier to store and the items are all stored in one nice tray.
The design is similar to the other Iron Man 2 characters produced by Hot Toys. The outer metallic sleeve is eye catching and an interesting fact is that the sleeve gives you a glimpse of the next figure that is due in the series. In the case of War Machine, Mark IV is featured on the sleeve depicting that it will be next in the series. Pretty cool idea.

In terms of sculpting & painting, this is Hot Toys we are talking about. There is really nothing bad to talk about. Everything is done beautifully.
We get two heads, one is the full masked head and the other we get is the exposed face of James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes played by Don Cheadle.
The head sculpt for Rhodey is top notch and there were a few revisions since the first proto type (which I was not so into).

The full sculpt of the suit is amazing with all the details taken care of.
I am pretty certain that all the screws, bolts and rivets are there.
War machine really looks stunning with the great sculpt and painting.
The pictures don't do justice to the amazing sculpting and painting. You will have to have it in your hands to enjoy the great work done on this figure.
As usual, we get the light up features which are always cool to have!

War Machine comes with a haul of bad ass weaponry. What is War Machine without his weapons! We have the ‘ex-wife’ missile, the mini-gun and the two machine guns that are attached to his forearms.

Mini Gun

The "ex-wife"

I simply love the mini-gun and the 2 machine guns. They are essential and very well done accessories.

We also get a selection of hands but what is different from past offerings is that we also get a pair of articulated hands. I am guessing everyone will be using this pair of hands on their War Machine.

There are also other features on the figure like the shoulder rocket launchers, concealed vents on either side of the back section and many more.
You just have to follow the instruction manual and do as it says. You should be fine!

The housing for the "Ex-wife" rocket

Shoulder rocket launchers

Overall, I really like this figure. I think this is one of the best figure for 2010.What a way to end the year!

War Machine before he is decked with all his weapons!

All ready for battle

War Machine with its light up features!

War Machine with its second head sculpt


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