Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Plastic Man Presents: Emotional Jack

Emotional Jack is a boy whose emotion changes like the weather!
It is a paper craft which enables you to change the facial expression of Jack.
How does Jack feel today? It is all up to you!
I will continue to do more facial expression and post it for watch for it!

There is even a Zombie version of Emotional Jack which took part in TOYSREVIL's First Annual Zombie Pageant.
He was even picked by the judges for "MR CONGENIALITY (PLEASE DO NOT EAT ME)" award by having the 2nd most judges' votes!

Download Emotional Jack here
See all my paper creation


LEon said...

That is really creative!! You are really thinking out of the box!

tymann said...

I love Emo Jack.
Check out my stuff on Blogspot at

shuga said...

good job

Anonymous said...

Really great idea! But I was wondering why there was a hole on the back of the head on the patter?

Little Plastic Man said...

In case you can't take the face cube out. You can use a pen to push it out from the back


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