Saturday, January 24, 2009

Soldier Story Navy Seal Team 10 Brad Pitt look alike

Thanks to Desmond for picking this up for me! The figure was taken out from Soldier Story "US Navy Seal Team 10". The likeness to Brad Pitt is amazing...put him in a suit and you get characters like Rusty Ryan from Ocean's Eleven, John Smith from Mr. & Mrs. Smith or Joe Black from Meet Joe Black! My only complaint is the hair as most of the time Brad's hair is blonde and spiky.
I am happy with this figure...however...unfortunately, after pulling out the head from the body I just could not attach it back...hmmm...guys any idea??

Mr Smith?


Joshua said...

nice haul bro...saw it last week at csc's U TOYS too...nice kitbash by the way...

though i must admit the body's skin tone looks a tad' off..

Little Plastic Man said...

Yup...I agree with the skin tone.


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