Saturday, April 25, 2009

SideShow Snake-Eyes

Being a fan of GI Joe & 12" figures (poisoned by the likes of Shaun, Alex, Desmond...etc), what would be the most logical outcome for me when Sideshow came out with the GI Joe 12" line? Well I would get it obviously!
In the line-up are Snake-Eyes, Cobra Commander, Cobra Trooper / Officer & Storm Shadow and the first figure to hit us is Snake-Eyes.

When I got my hands on it, I was impressed with the packaging. It has the feel of the old 80's GI Joe design.

Currently there is a split between toy collectors over this figure. One group is saying that Sideshow used a body that is too small, making Snake-Eyes look as if he is a small child or an elderly man & that the visor is way too big. The other group is saying that the small body is actually more accurate for Snake-Eyes as he is supposed to be a ninja, agile and fast.
I am actually for it. Overall, I like the proportion and I am very pleased with it. As for the visor...come on! That visor is a classic! Big or small it still looks so cool on him.

I think what everyone can agree on are the many accessories that come with him.
Snake-Eyes comes with the following:

SPIE Rig harness and Pistol Belt
Utility Pouches x2
MK-18 Smoke Grenade Sub-load Pouch
MK-23 Pistol Holster w/ Suppressor pouch
Special Ops LAV (Light Assault Vest)
Small Utility Pouch
Ninjato Scabbard
Tanto Scabbard w/ Boot ties
Tanto Fighting Knife
Snake Eyes' Falchion Sword
Two Pairs of Tactical Boots w/ Alternate Pose
Special Ops Wrist Bands
Knee Pads
Three sets of interchangeable gloved hands
9mm Sub-Machine Gun with Single Point Sling and Carabineer
Suppressor for 9mm Sub-Machine Gun
30 Round Magazines x4
Mk-18 Smoke Grenade x2
M-48 Stun Grenade x2
M-67 Fragmentation Grenade x2
Mk-23 Pistol
Mk-23 Pistol Suppressor
AN/PEQ-6 Laser Sight
Mk-23 Pistol Magazines x2
12-inch display base with G.I. Joe logo

I like that Sideshow provides a ton of hands for various posing and weapon options. You get: 2 closed punching fists, two 'sword hold' hands, one gun hand, and a karate chopping hand.
There is also the boot option which is the molded 'boot feet' option similar to Hot Toys and other makers. Sideshow also gave us a bonus in the form of the other feet which are 'stepping' boots. Very good for posing Snake-Eyes in crouching or creeping position.

Overall, a great figure and I can't wait for the other Joes to report for duty!

The problem decide.
Body too small?

Visor too big? I don't think so!

A Real American Hero!

The packaging is also great


Special Ops Wrist Bands

Side pouches to store the magazines

MK-23 Pistol Holster

Tanto Scabbard

Pouch to hold his MK-18 Smoke Grenades (yellow & red)

Snake-Eyes and all his gear

His killing equipment

'Stepping' boots

Snake-Eyes, the efficient killer...


Joshua said...

awesome review and fantastic comic strip towards the end Adrian!!!

pleasure reading this review!

imho, the visor looks fine on snake eyes....though i find his shoulders a little narrow.. any chance to swap with a HT true type?

desmond said...

Wah Adrian!! Your Snake Eyes is damn violent..Haha!! This is definitely a good piece to keep..

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Josh. Check out this link for some body swapping!'t think I will be doing so...too much effort...LOL
Ha Ha...Des...yes a good figure to have...u getting it?

Armand said...

The body does look a tad too scrawny for Snake Eyes. Maybe swap him with HT rubber muscle suit might make him look more like Snake Eyes.

Good score btw Adrian! Being a Joe fan you must have really been anticipating this one innit? Heh!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's really a great figure. Can't agree more that the box give you the 80s feel. There are a lot of weapons and won't it weigh down Snake Eyes? Ha! Ha! Just joking!

The story pics are very hilarious! Punching, stabbing and finally spraying bullets to his enemy. Triple impact!

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes Armand...I am excited over this line! I really dont think the body is too scrawny...just my thoughts...:)
Thanks Dennis!


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