Thursday, October 23, 2008

Movie Master Batpod

Was browsing through Michael's website ( for my daily dosage of toy reviews when I saw this. Mattel has released the Batpod under their Movie Master line!
The Movie Master line has been one of the highlights for Mattel.
I reviewed the Movie Master's Batman & Joker figures some time back and I felt that Mattel did a great job on this line (only complaint is the price)
Based on Michael's review and pictures, this is one vehicle I must get my hands on!
Only problem is that the Batpod is a Target exclusive and I wonder if we will see this in our shopping centres.
I am sure I can get this in specialty toy shops here or at CSC but I think I will pay a premium for it.
Regardless...I am excited...oh and so is my Batman!

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Anonymous said...

Swee bro!! where did you get this??

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi Desmond - I wish I got it. Its out in the US as a Target exclusive. Have not seen it in Singapore yet.


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